Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1227

The rain had stopped when the two reached the parking lot. The custom-made jacket Lucian used to shelter them from the rain was wet. Even his arms got soaked from the rain.

Standing by the side of the car, Roxanne watched him open the door and put his jacket on the back seat with no change in expression. After a moment of hesitation, she decided to sit in the passenger seat.

Soon, Lucian got into the car and drove toward her house. “I wonder what they are doing now.” Feeling uneasy by the silence inside the car, Roxanne quickly searched for a topic.

Lucian raised his eyes and glanced at her face reflected in the rearview mirror. “Cayden will take good care of them. You can call him if you’re worried.”

Roxanne grinned. “It’s okay. I believe Cayden will take good care of them.” As they spoke about the kids, Roxanne couldn’t help but think of how they left without hesitation this morning.

She wondered what was on the kids’ minds when they did that and decided to find the answer when she got home.

Meanwhile, at the mansion, Cayden bought breakfast for the kids. After breakfast, the three kids rushed upstairs and hid inside Archie and Benny’s room and started whispering among themselves.

“I wonder how Mommy is feeling now.” A frown instantly creased Benny’s brow as he sounded worried.

Patting his brother on the shoulder, Archie comforted, “Didn’t Mommy already say she’s okay now? Moreover, there’s Daddy beside Mommy, so she’ll be fine.”

Estella nodded vigorously. “Daddy will take good care of-” Suddenly, Estella faltered and looked at Archie and Benny timidly. In response, Archie and Benny gave her an encouraging look.

Estella finally said, “Daddy will take good care of Mommy! Mommy is incredibly skilled in medicine, so I’m sure she will be fine!”

As Estella spoke, she balled her fists to encourage herself. “The most important thing now is for Daddy and Mommy to get back together through this opportunity”

Archie analyzed rationally, “I think after what happened yesterday, Mommy will not avoid Daddy and Essie anymore!” A smile gradually bloomed on their faces. Estella, in particular, had a vibrant smile.

Seeing Estella’s beaming face, Benny couldn’t help but ask, “Essie, wouldn’t your mommy be sad if she finds out how much you adore Mommy?”

Hearing that, the smile on Estella’s face gradually faded, and she became a little down. Benny felt somewhat guilty and glanced at Archie, worried if he had said something wrong and had upset Estella.

Archie felt worried as well and wanted to change the topic. Before he could do that, Estella said hesitantly, “I don’t have a mommy.” Taken aback, Archie and Benny doubted their ears.

What does she mean by she doesn’t have a mommy? Benny frowned and was about to pursue the matter when suddenly a knock on the door sounded.

The kids quickly restrained their expressions and went to open the door. With a smile, Cayden stood at the door and said, “Let’s go downstairs and see who is here.”

After exchanging a suspicious glance, the kids scampered down. The kids were stunned for a moment when they saw the people coming in from the door. Then, a big smile appeared on their faces.

“Mommy!” The three kids quickly rushed toward Roxanne. Roxanne chuckled as she held all three of them in her embrace and patted them on their head.

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