Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1226

Surprised, Roxanne looked at Lucian. She felt more triggered by what he said just now than when he told her he wanted to court her back then.

Lucian’s face showed a hint of awkwardness when he met Roxanne’s eyes. Soon, he regained his composure. “Let’s do as you say if you feel it’s appropriate.”

A moment later, Lucian behaved as if nothing had happened. “You’re a doctor yourself, so your should know your condition well. The experts said the residual poison in your body is almost gone. You can be discharged from the hospital soon.”

He changed the topic abruptly and sounded unnatural. His expression intrigued Roxanne, and shel almost burst out laughing. Then, she said, “Then, Mr. Farwell, please help me with the discharge procedures. We can start the investigation earlier.”

Lucian agreed to it without saying anything. more and went to handle her discharge procedures. Feeling uneasy, Lucian confirmed with the experts again that it was okay for Roxanne to be discharged after leaving the ward.

Originally, the experts were forced to allow Roxanne to stay for observation due to Luciani. Thus, they immediately assured Lucian that Roxanne could be discharged without a problem.

After that, Lucian went to handle Roxanne’s discharge procedure. When he got back to the ward, Roxanne was ready to leave.

Lucian was in a daze looking at the smiling lady in a dress before him. Yesterday, Roxanne looked extremely pale, and he was shocked to see her in a hospital gown.

Thus, he felt strange now that she looked well. “Are you done?” Roxanne was confused since he stood at the door silently. Lucian snapped out of his reverie when he heard her voice. “Yes, let’s go. I’ll send you home.”

Just like that, they entered the elevator one after another. “I can go home by myself. I’ve already caused. you much trouble for yesterday,” Roxanne rejected politely.

Lucian sounded calm. “Essie is at your place. I want to see her.” Since he had spelled things out so clearly, Roxanne could no longer refuse his offer.

The two got out of the elevator and walked to the hospital’s entrance when it started to drizzle. The light rain dispelled the sweltering heat. Many people on the road walked in it calmly.

Roxanne decided to brave the rain and run to the parking lot too. To her surprise, Lucian grabbed her by her waist as soon as she lifted her foot.

Halting in her tracks, Roxanne instinctively looked at him and wanted to break free from his grip. “You just recovered, so you’re still weak. It’s best to avoid the rain.” Lucian frowned slightly, and his deep voice sounded beside her ear.

Roxanne felt his breath on the side of her ear and a wave of numbness that came with it. She couldn’t help but be in a daze. By the time she snapped back to reality, Lucian was holding tightly onto her waist as they walked into the rain.

Lucian covered their heads with his coat as they strode toward the parking lot.

Seeing Lucian’s profile, Roxanne couldn’t help but think of how he took care of her yesterday, A warm feeling surged in her heart, and she couldn’t take her eyes off his face for a long time.

“Watch your step.” Lucian turned around suddenly and looked at her. When their eyes met, Roxanne felt her heart skip a beat. She tried to keep her composure and smiled. “Thank you.”

Lucian furrowed his brows as his eyes flickered. After yesterday’s incident, he felt reluctant to let go of Roxanne, who looked perfectly healthy. After a long while, he retracted his gaze with some self control.

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