Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1225

Hearing Roxanne’s apology, there was a flash of smugness in Colby’s eyes, but his tone was full of concern. “As long as you get better, it doesn’t matter how tired I get. I thought… Forget it. Let’s not talk about this. Why did you call?”

Uneasy, Roxanne said, “I’m afraid I’ll have to continue to trouble you.” Colby was busy since yesterday after she fell unconscious.

Recently, they needed to carry out an investigation. Due to that, they had to ask for Colby’s help to grant them free rein. For everything Colby had done, Roxanne felt nothing but sorry for him.

Colby, on the other end of the phone, was working overtime at the research institute, handling the surveillance footage of the research facility.

He froze momentarily when he heard what Roxanne said but soon returned to normal. “What is it? Go on. I’ll try my best to help.”

Roxanne said with a grateful smile, “Mr. Farwell. and I want to investigate yesterday’s incident. In the process, we will need permission to access the research institute. Thus, we’ll need some help from you.”

At that, Colby became tense and felt his throat tighten.

He was fine with Roxanne carrying out an investigation but didn’t expect Lucian to be involved. I only asked Lucian to come yesterday to watch him fight with Jack, not to investigate me. It will be trouble if Lucian intervenes.

Colby wasn’t confident to hide the truth from Lucian’s discerning eyes. “Dr. Galloway?” Roxanne urged in confusion. since she didn’t receive a reply from him.

Colby abruptly returned to his senses and tried to sound calm. “I’m sorry. I was up all night yesterday, so I zoned out. All right, I got it. Feel

free to tell me when you need help.”

Without sparing another thought, Roxannel thanked him politely, “Thank you, and have at good rest.”

Absent-mindedly, Colby promised to help her. After a few seconds, he hung up the phone. When the two were on the phone, Lucian. listened to their conversation at the side the whole time.

He found Colby’s response slightly strange. However, a nobody like Colby wasn’t significant enough to bother him, so he didn’t give it much thought. He brushed it off and took it as his lack of sleep.

“I’ve already told Dr. Galloway.”

Roxanne’s voice sounded from the ward. “This matter cannot be delayed. If someone did plan it, that person would have more time to destroy the evidence if we delay. Let’s start the investigation as soon as possible.”

Naturally, Lucian was well aware of this simple theory. “I know. I’ll start to investigate after you rest.”

In response, Roxanne frowned. “I want to join the investigation too. After all, this happened. because of me. I’m the victim, so I can’t do nothing and wait.”

Moreover, no matter what Lucian was thinking, Roxanne was worried about letting him investigate by himself because he was. prejudiced against Jack.

Lucian saw through her thoughts and narrowed his eyes in displeasure. “Are you worried I would fabricate evidence against Jack?”

Hearing that, Roxanne’s eyes flashed with a hint of guilt, but she quickly concealed that. “I just think it will be fairer that way.”

Lucian sneered, “I understand what you mean, but your condition doesn’t allow you to do that. The specialist advised you to rest in the hospital for a few days. So, that’s what you should do.

Don’t worry. I only want to find the real culprit who hurt you, although I’m suspicious of Jack. I’ll deal with him later!” The two were stunned by his words.

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