Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1224

Roxanne felt her heart start to waver after hearing Lucian’s words. However, she couldn’t help but think that his tone sounded rather odd. He is indeed suspecting Jack to be the culprit, but why does his last sentence…

Roxanne mulled over it for a moment when she suddenly thought of something, and a touch of surprise flashed across her eyes.

Before this, Lucian kept losing his temper with me because I was getting too close to Jack. Naturally, he’s pissed off about the same thing this time as well. He’s probably angry that I’m defending Jack. Wait… Could he be… jealous of Jack?

Just as that thought flashed into her mind, Roxanne snapped back to her senses and glanced at Lucian uneasily before retracting her gaze.

Somehow, I can’t associate the word jealous with the man before me. It’s simply impossible for Lucian to feel jealousy.

Nonetheless, now that the thought was in Roxanne’s mind, it was like it had taken root and she couldn’t get rid of it. As a result, she no longer dared to meet Lucian’s eyes.

Her breath hitched as she said, “Although it’s true that I don’t know Jack that well, I just can’t find any reason to doubt him since he’s the project leader.”

Seemingly satisfied with her statement, Lucian gave a soft snort in response. After hesitating for a while, Roxanne made up her mind. “Since we have different opinions, we’ll let the evidence speak for itself.”

She finally had the courage to look Lucian in the eyes as she added, “What do you think of my suggestion, Mr. Farwell?”

Seeing how Roxanne was still unwilling to doubt Jack but was sensible enough to make a concession with him, Lucian felt his anger subside slightly. “Fine, I’ll go along with it. I’ll show you the evidence so that you can see what kind of a person he really is.”

Roxanne nodded. “The truth is all I want. Anyway, Dr. Galloway is in charge of the research institute, so I’ll tell him to give you free rein during this period of time in order for you to look into this matter.”

Lucian agreed to it without saying anything. more. It could be said that the two of them had reached an agreement. As promised, the first thing that Roxanne did was give Colby a call.

It took a while before the latter answered.

The moment the call was connected, Colby’s apologetic and helpless voice rang out. “Dr. Jarvis, how are you doing? I’m sorry, I should have paid you a visit earlier, but I really have no idea where Mr. Farwell has taken you.”

Hearing that, Roxanne subconsciously glanced at the man beside her.

All she knew was that Lucian was the one who brought her to the hospital. As for what happened during and after she fell unconscious, she had no clue about it.

Judging from Colby’s words, I’m guessing Lucian must have done something unpleasant when he took me away.

Lucian frowned, but he didn’t try to explain, for he thought that there was no need for him to give an explanation just because of Colby’s words.

Seeing that, Roxanne could only retract her gaze. She then said to Colby, “I’m fine now, thank you for your concern, Dr. Galloway.”

Colby’s voice was still tinged with guilt when he said, “What happened yesterday was too sudden. Several researchers were more or less affected by it. As a result, I have been so busy since yesterday that I forgot to call you. This is wrong of me…”

Roxanne could imagine the chaos that must have ensued in the research institute after she collapsed. Coupled with the leakage of toxic gases, she reckoned some may have even been poisoned.

With me being in a coma and hospitalized, I’m sure Colby must be feeling exhausted trying to clean up the mess all alone for one whole day.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I was too careless and caused you trouble again.”

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