Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1223

Roxanne was rendered speechless at that. After all, it was indeed true that the three of them had been in charge of the project since the beginning.

Naturally, I wouldn’t shoot myself in the foot, so that leaves only Jack and Colby. That being said, I don’t want to doubt any of them since one of them is the project leader while the other is my longtime partner.

Seeing how adamant she was, Lucian felt his anger rise. “If I remember correctly, Jack had something to do with the fire incident at the research institute previously as well.”

Hearing that, Roxanne gave him a confused look. Why would he say something like that?

She then said, “Mr. Damaris left after delivering those medicines, so what do you mean when you said that incident has something to do with him?”

Not wanting to get into an argument with Lucian, she reined in her temper and added gently, “You of all people should know how those medicines came to be, so why would Mr. Damaris do something that won’t benefit him at all?

After speaking, she raised her head to look at Lucian’s cold expression and heaved a helpless sigh inwardly before continuing, “Lucian, you need to calm down. You can’t just say something like this based on your own subjective emotions without any evidence to support it.”

With how smart, sharp, and decisive Lucian is, his irrational words now are making me doubt whether the man before me is really the CEO of Farwell Group.

“I am calm.” Fury was bubbling deep within Lucian’s heart, and he uttered coldly, “That storage room of your research institute has had no problems for so many years, but it burns up the moment he stored his medicines in it. Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence?”

In response, Roxanne patiently explained, “There really weren’t any problems when he stored the medicines in the room. If you don’t believe me, feel free to ask Dr. Galloway about it since he was there at the time.”

As she spoke, she kept her gaze trained on Lucian’s face, her eyes glinting with emotions. known only to herself.

He looks so angry whenever he talks about the fire incident. There isn’t a single trace that suggests he’s faking it, so I guess I can finally stop suspecting him. I’ve misunderstood him. I’m certain now that he has nothing to do with the fire.

Hearing her words, Lucian seemed to recall something and stated coldly, “Your words just reminded me that Dr. Galloway was at the scene of the fire as well.”

Roxanne snapped back to her senses when she realized that her words had caused Lucian to cast his doubt on Colby.

She tried to explain, “This incident has nothing to do with them. We’ve already looked into this. Turns out, someone bribed one of the researchers at the institute to go in and set the fire…”

Unexpectedly, Lucian’s expression darkened further the more she tried to explain. “Well, who else could have done this except Jack?” Words eluded Roxanne once again.

She knew there was some truth in his words. After all, there was only a handful of people in Horington who was capable of finding out the background of all personnel in the research institute and bribing them in such a short period of time. The same goes for the people that were involved in the project.

Before this, Roxanne had always suspected Lucian to have had a hand in this. As such, she didn’t entertain the possibility that it could have been someone else.

However, now that she had eliminated all her doubts about Lucian, Jack was looking more and more to be the culprit. Nonetheless, she was still of the opinion that Jack had no reason to do such a thing.

“It seems like you trust him very much,” Lucian scoffed. “Your trust in Colby is built through years of cooperation, but what about Jack? How long have you known each other? Do you really know him that well?”

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