Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1222

Roxanne could not resist asking, “Was Mr. Damaris here yesterday?” As soon as she asked that question, Lucian’s expression shifted instantly, and the air around him grew heavy with tension.

She was taken aback by the change in him and wondered whether she had said something she should not have again.

It’s just that I happened to see Jack’s calls, and it reminded me that he was with me before I fell unconscious yesterday. Besides, he was right next to me when the gas was released.

As that thought crossed her mind, she could not help worrying a little over what had happened to him.

“Does he mean that much to you? Besides the kids, is he the first person you care about after recovering?” He stared at her intently, slowly moving closer to the hospital bed as he spoke.

Puzzled by his sudden anger, she frowned and asked, “I was only asking because I could see he tried calling me quite a few times. Moreover, he was with me when I got poisoned-

“He was with you when you passed out,” Lucian said, cutting in before she finished her sentence.

Recalling the scene, Roxanne nodded without hesitation. I don’t know whether I’m reading too much into it, but it seems as though Lucian’s statement has a deeper meaning.

Standing next to the bed, he gazed down at her and asked in an interrogative tone, “So, have you wondered why both of you inhaled the toxic gas, yet only you lost consciousness from getting poisoned and suffered severe symptoms while he’s still fit as a fiddle?”

Upon hearing that, she was stunned as what he was implying finally struck her.

He suspects that the experiment went wrong because Jack tampered with it! When that realization dawned on her, she contradicted him without a second thought. “There’s no reason for Mr. Damaris to do that.”

Seeing that she was willing to defend Jack at the drop of a hat, Lucian’s gaze darkened, and his tone turned even more solemn as he responded, “I see that you trust him a lot.”

Alarmed by the palpable tension that suddenly radiated around him, she realized she had spoken too hastily and consciously softened. her tone. “It isn’t a matter of whether I trust him or not. It’s just that the Damaris family was the one who spearheaded this project, and they’ve put a lot of effort into it. The project was finally.

progressing to a new stage, so there’s no reason for him to throw a spanner in the works.”

What’s more, I’m the one who has been responsible for the research on the core technology of this project, and I’m the one who knows it best. If Jack does indeed want to harm me, that means he has already decided to give up on this project. However, so many people are involved in the project, and it has been disclosed to the public previously. Hence, his actions will only do more harm than good.

Seeing that her response was similar to what Jack had said the previous day, Lucian’s displeasure intensified. He retorted, “Is that so? In that case, why don’t you tell me who would’ve done that apart from him? Was it Dr. Galloway?”

She furrowed her brows again. “Dr. Galloway wouldn’t do something like that. We’ve worked together for a long time, and I trust him.”

Besides, he wouldn’t have had the chance to tamper with the lab table. During the few minutes he was there, I was next to him. Even if he did plan to do something, he wouldn’t have had time. Also, I don’t see any reason for him to do so.

It annoyed Lucian to see how protective she was of Colby, and he said in a mocking tone, “Well, who else could it have been? You? Did you create the toxic gas because you were too stressed at work and wanted to end it once and for all?”

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