Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1221

After a long pause, Lucian tamped down the emotions in his eyes and said calmly, “I’ve asked the specialists to check on you. They’ll be here soon.” No sooner had he said that, several specialists came rushing over.

They were horrified when they saw Roxanne sitting up in the hospital bed. “Ms. Jarvis, please lie down quickly. There’s still residual toxins in your body that has yet to be flushed out. We want to perform a check-up on you, then prescribe some targeted medication.”

She was very clear-headed when it came to her condition, and she replied, “There’s no need for that. It has been cleared.” The others frowned, their expressions reflecting their disbelief. “How is that possible?”

We all saw for ourselves how serious her condition was yesterday. How could she have gotten better after just one night’s sleep? Roxanne merely smiled and did not say anything.

Utterly incredulous, a few of them stepped. forward to check on her. After they did so, everyone could not help but feel dumbfounded, “This…”

They could not believe that she had almost fully recovered, and there were barely any traces of toxins left in her body.

She explained to them calmly, “I performed acupuncture on myself this morning to detoxify my body. I can sense that I’ve gotten rid of almost all of the toxins, but I don’t know whether the little that remains will still have severe effects.”

Upon hearing her reply, the specialists looked at each other. After some time, one of them finally turned toward Roxanne with a look of admiration. “We’ve long heard of your impressive acupuncture skills. Today, we’ve finally witnessed with our own eyes just how amazing it is!”

Initially, they planned to treat the toxins in her body slowly through medication. None of them expected that she would succeed in getting rid of most of it through a single acupuncture treatment.

Despite the shower of praise from those top specialists, Roxanne’s expression remained unchanged. “My teacher taught me everything I know, and I’ve merely put what I learned into practice. So, what are the results of your check- up? Do I still need treatment for the toxins in my body?”

“The remaining toxins aren’t a lot, and your body can eliminate them through metabolization,” answered the head of the specialists. As he spoke, however, he sensed someone glaring at him in annoyance from behind. A shudder ran through his body, and he quickly added, “Nonetheless, I suggest you stay at the hospital for a couple of days for observation. As you know, your condition yesterday after getting poisoned was quite serious.”

She nodded calmly and said quietly. “Got it. Thanks for everything you all did yesterday.”

The specialists immediately waved their hands dismissively. “That’s what we should’ve done. If there’s someone who should be thanked, it’s Mr. Farwell. He stayed in the ward the whole time to look after you.”

At that, she subconsciously glanced toward the man standing at the door to the ward. Lucian’s brows were tightly knitted, and he did not have time to drop the worried look etched across his face.

When his eyes met Roxanne’s, he looked away nonchalantly. She was surprised to see his concerned. expression, and a scarlet flush crept up her cheeks.

“If there’s nothing else, we’ll be going out. Please get lots of rest these two days. Should you need anything, feel free to let us know.” Noticing the peculiar atmosphere between the pair, the specialists quickly excused themselves.

Returning to her senses, she smiled at them and watched as they left. Soon, Lucian and Roxanne were the only ones left in the ward.

She had finally managed to compose herself, but after that remark the specialist made, her emotions were all over the place again, and she was at a loss for words. Lucian also seemed lost in thought and was silent for a long time.

To cover up the panic she felt inwardly, she took her phone from the table and glanced at it. As soon as she did so, she saw on the screen that she had nearly twenty missed calls. More than half of them were from Archie and Benny, while the rest were from Jack.

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