Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1219

Roxanne patted Archie’s and Benny’s heads soothingly. “Mommy, how are you feeling? Do you feel any discomfort?” Archie and Benny stared at her with concern.

Roxanne could see her pale expression reflected in her children’s eyes, so it was completely understandable that they were really worried.

Roxanne stated apologetically, “I’m all right now. I must have scared you guys yesterday. I’m sorry for that.”

Benny reminded her in his childish voice, “You have already apologized to us yesterday! Also, we don’t need you to apologize because we only want you to be healthy and well!”

Roxanne felt touched by their words, and a smile spread across her face. “Essie is also worried about Mommy. She was so scared she burst into tears when she dreamt that you fell unconscious.”

When Benny noticed Estella hiding behind the other children, he took a step back so Roxanne could see her. Estella’s head was lowered as she sneaked a peek at Roxanne.

She remembered Roxanne flatly refusing to let her call the latter Mommy the last time she asked her. However, she had repeatedly called Roxanne Mommy when the latter was unconscious the night before.

She was afraid Roxanne would remember and be upset with her. Roxanne noticed the disconcerted look on Estella’s face. It made her heart ache, so she pulled Estella into her embrace.


Perhaps it was because Estella’s mind was full of thoughts of the events on the previous night. that she almost called Roxanne Mommy, but she quickly realized that she had said the wrong thing and hastily uttered, “Ms. Jarvis.”

Roxanne suddenly felt nervous when she heard Estella’s first word and only breathed a sigh of relief after the latter changed her words. She smiled and stroked Estella’s head. “I’m sorry. I said I’d go to the kindergarten to see you, but I haven’t yet. Did you wait a long time for me?”

Estella pursed her lips and was about to nod when she noticed Roxanne’s pale expression. She shook her head instead. “It’s the same thing if I come to see you!”

With that, she lowered her gaze sadly. “It would be better if you weren’t sick.”

Roxanne’s heart melted upon hearing Estella’s words. “It’s my fault. I was too careless and made you guys worry.” Estella shook her head again.

Roxanne chatted with the children for a while when all of a sudden, Archie walked over to Lucian. Benny’s and Estella’s gazes immediately followed him.

His action confused Roxanne. “Thank you, Mr. Farwell. It was because you took care of Mommy yesterday that she was able to recover so quickly,” Archie thanked Lucian sincerely.

Benny, too, quickly followed suit. In the end, Archie and Benny even bowed politely to Lucian.

Lucian stared at the two children before his gaze fell on Roxanne. He said meaningfully, “Don’t mention it. I promise I’ll take good care of your mother.”

Upon hearing that, Roxanne instinctively looked at him. Lucian’s tone made it seem like a promise. One would have thought they were a couple if one didn’t know them.

In reality, Lucian only took care of her when she was sick. Why does he have to make his words sound so ambiguous?

Roxanne felt nervous and emotional at the same time. When did Lucian tell the children about this? What else did they talk about when I was unconscious?

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