Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1218

In a deep voice, Lucian uttered, “They’re in the room next to this. Since you’ve woken up, I’ll let them have a look at you before asking Cayden to send them back.”

Roxanne agreed to it without hesitation since she did not want the kids to stay in the hospital for too long. However, Lucian made no moves even after a long while.

Roxanne felt her heart lurch as the scenes of how Lucian showered her with care and concern last night filled her mind.

She initially thought Lucian would head next door to bring the kids over, and she could use the time alone to cool herself down.

Seeing how he remained seated in the room, Roxanne had no idea how to respond. “Put the needles away,” Lucian said suddenly, with his eyes fixed on the silver needles on the side of her bed that she had yet kept.

Those words left Roxanne frozen in shock. Then, Lucian’s gaze landed on her face, and in an unhurried tone, he added, “Those needles will scare the kids.”

Roxanne immediately explained with her instincts, “They won’t. Archie and Benny are used to it.”

Sometimes, the two boys would even help with the disinfection and cleaning. To them, the needles used for acupuncture were actually no different from the forks used for dining.

Lucian’s gaze darkened. “But Essie will be scared. They already got freaked out by the way you looked yesterday.”

Roxanne was promptly taken aback. She almost forgot that Estella was around too. Noticing how Lucian’s face clouded over, Roxanne cast her eyes downward apologetically. “I’m sorry. I forgot about that.”

Lucian frowned. “I don’t mean it that way. You don’t have to apologize to me.”

In truth, he merely wanted to remind Roxanne that the kids were terrified by what happened the day before, and the sight of those needles might spook them out again.

It was clear that Roxanne had misunderstood what he said. At that point, Lucian felt his temples throbbing badly.

He had always been a pragmatic man who was not good with words. Faced with this situation, he did not know how to explain himself

After rolling up the felt needle case and carefully putting it in the drawer beside the bed, Roxanne turned around to look at Lucian, “A right, I’ve put them away. You can ask them to come over now”

The man stared morosely at her. Ultimately, he gave up on explaining himself and headed next door without saying anything.

As the door shut close, Roxanne heaved a sigh of relief and immediately seized the opportunity to sort out her mind.

As much as she was unwilling to admit it, she was actually instinctively reliant on Lucian when she was in extreme agony last night. Had Lucian not held her hand tightly throughout, she reckoned she would not be able to have a good night’s sleep.

On that, she was sure Lucian would have figured out her feelings. Yet, he still chose to stay by her side to give her support and reliance. Roxanne’s resolve began to waver.

While she performed acupuncture on herself earlier, she was contemplating if she wanted to clarify things.

Nonetheless, when Lucian finally woke up, she backed out and did not even dare to spare him a glance. She had reacted that way because she feared

she had read too much into things. Of course, after what happened last night, she knew she should not avoid Lucian and Estella again like in the past, even if she did so out of gratitude for the man’s kindness.

Roxanne’s mind was in a tangled mess at the mere thought of the situations she might have to face from now on. Suddenly, a knock on the door was heard.

Before Roxanne snapped back to her senses, the three kids rushed in from outside. They ran up to the side of her bed and stared at her with their bright eyes.

Following behind the kids, Lucian strolled in and said, “They couldn’t stop worrying about you and woke up long ago.”

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