Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1217

The following morning, Roxanne had already. woken up by the time Lucian did. Her brows remained furrowed while she removed the needles for herself.

Lucian glanced at his empty palm, then shifted.  his gaze to look at the woman before him. In a hoarse voice, he asked, “When did you wake up? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

Roxanne was too focused on the task and only realized the man was awake after hearing his voice. She hesitated for a moment, then. continued with what she had been doing.

“You look like you were sound asleep. Besides, I am feeling better now, so I didn’t wake you up.” She did not spare the man a glance as she spoke.

It was worth noting that Roxanne felt as if it was like a dream when she woke up to the sight of Lucian taking a short rest while holding. her hand tightly earlier.

But soon after, the memories of what happened last night while she was half-asleep came to her mind. She knew very well it was not a dream. Lucian had indeed taken care of her for the whole night.

For a bit, Roxanne had no idea how to describe, her feelings after coming to that realization.

Then again, at the sight of Lucian’s tightly furrowed eyebrows and the visible signs of exhaustion on his face, she could not bear to wake him up and thus carefully pulled her hand out without him knowing.

Evidently, the man was so tired that he was unaware of the slight movements and remained asleep.

Since he was still asleep, Roxanne decided to take the chance to examine her condition before performing a simple acupuncture on herself.

Little did she expect Lucian to wake up when she was at the last step of removing the needles. It was just that she became a little flustered after hearing the man’s voice. “What are you doing?”

Rubbing his temples, Lucian languidly straightened his body. A slight frown marred his countenance at the sight of her actions.

Roxanne put on a calm pretense as she stared at the silver needle on the acupuncture point and pulled it out. “I gave myself a body check and felt that acupuncture could help detoxify my system.”

Hearing that, Lucian looked at her with a solemn expression. “You’re doing it yourself?”

His tone was overflowing with concern, and that undoubtedly startled Roxanne slightly. Despite so, she still flashed him a smile as she turned around. “These acupuncture points aren’t too complex. I can do it myself. There’s no need to worry, Mr. Farwell.”

Her words caused Lucian’s already dark expression to turn even darker.

Mr. Farwell again? I took care of her the entire night. How can she still sound so distant? A wave of rage surged within him. However, at the thought of how Roxanne was still unwell, he had no choice but to suppress his anger and frustration.

In an instant, the whole ward plunged into a deathly silence.

Roxanne could sense Lucian’s sudden fluctuating mood. She was puzzled, yet for some reason, she dared not question him and only lowered her head to put away her silver needles.

It was only after some time that Lucian’s deep voice sounded again. “How do you feel now?”

He thought Roxanne had performed acupuncture on herself because she was not feeling well.

Not knowing what the man was thinking, she replied flatly, “I’m feeling much better. The poison should’ve been completely purged now.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, the look in her eyes, which she fixed on Lucian, abruptly wavered as though she thought of something.

Lucian knitted his brows as he noticed the change in her expression. “What’s wrong?”

Roxanne lowered her gaze guiltily but tried to sound calm with her words. “Nothing. I’m just a little worried about the kids. How are they doing?”

She remembered that Lucian had brought the three kids over the day before. Since the kids saw how sick I was, they must be terribly worried now.

Roxanne vaguely recalled that she seemed to have heard the kids’ voices before falling asleep last night. Not only that, she thought she heard a soft. voice that resembled that of her dead daughter.

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