Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1215

It was Lucian’s second time hearing Estella addressing Roxanne in that way in the period of merely one night. When Lucian saw the girl’s timid look, he frowned but could not bring himself to say anything to her.

Once Estella realized her father was not asking her to change the way she called Roxanne, her eyes lit up, and she turned to look at Archie and Benny with delight on her face.

If Roxanne had not been asleep, the children would have cheered out loud.

Confusion danced across Lucian’s eyes at the sight of their happiness, but he did not ask them any questions. The only thing he said was, “It’s getting late, so hurry back to sleep.”

After making sure that Roxanne was fine and receiving the unexpected surprise, the children. quickly agreed to that and followed Lucian out of the ward.

After sending the children back to the ward next door, Lucian found his heart skipping a beat as he looked at the way they were staring at him. I think I know why they’re happy now.

“Daddy.” Estella was the closest to Lucian, and she reached out to grab the hem of his shirt.

Lucian halted in his tracks and crouched down to look at her at eye level. Tilting her head, Estella then hesitantly asked, “Daddy, are you on good terms with Ms. Jarvis again?”

She hastily added, “You didn’t say anything when I called Ms. Jarvis Mommy!”

To her, it was a silent agreement from her father to call Roxanne that from then on. Meanwhile, both Archie and Benny were also looking at Lucian with hope in their eyes.

Lucian lifted his hand to ruffle the girl’s hair. “This isn’t something I can decide on my own. We have to wait until Ms. Jarvis has recovered before asking her about her opinion.”

The children’s eyes dimmed when they heard the ambiguous answer.

The sight of the children’s disappointment brought a frown to Lucian’s face. He then swore to them, “But before Ms. Jarvis fully recovers, I’ll be taking care of her. So, don’t worry and take good care of yourselves instead.”

In other words, he was promising the children that he would try his best to patch things up with Roxanne and return to how they were before.

Even though that was not an answer the children truly wanted, it was better than nothing. Hence, they nodded fervently. “Got it!”

Lucian ruffled their hair before saying, “Get some rest. I’m going to go take care of Ms. Jarvis now.”

Once he saw them bobbing their heads, he stood up and left the room. The children watched the door close with similar looks of anticipation.

“We have to convince Mommy to forgive Mr. Farwell as soon as possible during this time!” Benny announced in determination as he clenched his fist.

Archie nodded in agreement. After the incident, the children were getting more and more sure that Lucian liked Roxanne.

However, it seemed like Roxanne had yet to figure it out, so they had to do even better to make their mother see what her heart truly wanted.

Then, Archie and Benny turned to Estella, waiting for her response to the plan.

Estella’s eyes were bright, and she bobbed her head vigorously. “I’ll keep an eye on Daddy and make sure he doesn’t make Ms. Jarvis angry!”

The three of them then smiled at each other..

As it was indeed getting late, the children climbed onto their beds to sleep. Right as Archie and Benny fell asleep, the sounds of Estella crying traveled into their ears. “Mommy…”

The boys quickly clambered upright and rushed to Estella’s bedside. “What’s wrong, Essie?” As their voices woke Estella, they soon noticed the tear streaks on her cheeks.

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