Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1214

Jonathan chimed in, “Mr. Damaris, I understand that you’re worried about Ms. Jarvis, but it’s really late right now. Why don’t you come again. another day?”

Jack frowned, finding something amiss about their responses. “I’m on my way back too. If you don’t mind, why don’t we head downstairs together?”

With that, Jonathan rested his arm around Jack’s shoulders and quietly led the other man into the elevator. “My grandpa was talking about how he wants to visit your grandpa, so why don’t we discuss when a meeting between them would be good?”

The children were around, and even though Jack was upset about the situation, he could not show his displeasure right there and then. Hence, he quietly followed Jonathan into the elevator.

Jonathan then gave Lucian a look before pressing the button to close the elevator doors. Only when the elevator started going down did Jack realize what seemed amiss..

All of them were telling him that it was too late. for him to visit Roxanne, but Lucian was still in her ward. What right does he have to stay there?

“Mr. Damaris, it’s best not to get in the way of two people’s relationship. Don’t you think so?” Jonathan gave Jack a long look. “You’re the Damaris family’s heir. What kind of woman can you not get? Must you snatch that one woman from Lucian?”

Jack snapped back to his senses and gave Jonathan an apathetic look. “What do you know?”

Jonathan raised his brows. “If this isn’t what I think it is, then that will be for the best.”

After saying that, silence took over the conversation..

Even after reaching the first floor, the two men shared no words as they went into their own cars and left. In the meantime, outside Roxanne’s ward, the three children let down their guards once Jack was gone.

“Mr. Farwell, can we visit Mommy?”

Archie’s worry for Roxanne was written all over his face. It was the first time the children had seen their mother so sick. Although they already saw that Roxanne was awake, they still felt anxious.

Lucian’s expression softened when he looked at the children. “Go on in. Your mommy is resting, so be quieter and don’t wake her, okay?”

The children nodded obediently. After getting into a line, they tiptoed into the room. Roxanne was in a deep slumber in the ward, looking as if she was in a coma again. At the sight of that, the children panicked.

“Don’t worry. She’s just asleep. She’ll wake up tomorrow morning,” Lucian consoled them before they could say a word, knowing what the children were thinking about..

At that, the children stared at him for a while before finally believing his words. “Good night, Mommy.”

Right then, Benny tiptoed over to Roxanne and gave her a peck on the cheek. Roxanne always gave them goodnight kisses when they were sleeping, so this time, it was their turn to do that.

Archie followed suit and whispered, “Mommy, you have to wake up tomorrow morning, okay?”

Estella was last in the line, and she wanted to do the same as Archie and Benny, but her courage fled her when she finally walked over to Roxanne.

Thus, she turned around to cast a hesitant look at the boys, who then gave her a look of encouragement.

In the end, Estella mustered the courage to gently kiss Roxanne’s cheek. “Ms. J-” the girl started, but she stopped herself. A few seconds later, in a much quieter voice, she said, “Good night, Mommy.”

With that, Estella turned to look at her father, wanting to know his reaction.

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