Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1212

However, the search was difficult because Lucian was intentionally eluding Jack. Jack couldn’t find anything, even after looking into Lucian’s whereabouts for a day.

He couldn’t reach Roxanne’s phone either. Just as he was getting extremely concerned, he suddenly received an anonymous text telling him where she was.

Despite not knowing who the sender was or if the information was true, Jack still drove to the hospital in the middle of the night for an hour.

He was that determined to learn her fate. Soon, the elevator arrived at the top floor of the hospital. Upon stepping out of the elevator, he saw Cayden, who was guarding the entrance of a ward.

With a cold expression, he questioned, “Where’s Lucian?”

Cayden was stunned for a moment before he greeted Jack politely. “Mr. Farwell is currently inside keeping Ms. Jarvis company, Mr. Damaris. She should be sleeping by now. I can help relay your message to her when she wakes up if you have anything you want to tell her. Just please don’t disturb her rest.”

As he spoke, he blocked Jack’s path to the ward. Jack scowled and stepped toward Cayden. “Let me through.”

Grimacing, Cayden pleaded, “Please don’t put me in a difficult spot, Mr. Damaris. This is Mr. Farwell’s order.”

“Then ask him to come out for a talk!” barked Jack. Cayden remained still with a resigned countenance. In response, Jack tried to walk around Cayden, but the latter moved accordingly to deny the former entry.

In the end, their interactions turned into a physical altercation. It was agonizing for Cayden because he was getting roughed up by Jack.

Lucian told Cayden that no one was allowed entry without his permission. However, Jack wasn’t an ordinary joe. Thus, even though Cayden was mandated to block Jack’s path, he couldn’t fight back.

In the end, Cayden was the only one suffering. Eventually, Jack pinned Cayden to the door and was about to open it. In the next moment, the door was opened from the inside.

“What’s going on?” Lucian stepped out of the room with a grim expression, which morphed into a scowl when he saw Jack. “Why are you here so late at night, Mr. Damaris?”

Then he closed the door and blocked the entrance with his body. In response, Jack let go of Cayden and stared intently at Lucian. “Where’s Ms. Jarvis? How is she doing?”

Coldly, Lucian answered, “She’s doing fine. You don’t need to worry about her.”

“Let me in! I want to see for myself!” Jack exclaimed resolutely. Then he tried to barge into the ward again. He took only one step forward before Cayden obstructed his entry once more.

With Lucian around this time, Cayden wasn’t going to hold back anymore. As Jack stared at the two, he contemplated his actions before recognizing he wasn’t going to win against them. Thus, he stopped.

In response, Cayden let down his guard. “I wonder what Ms. Jarvis would think if she learns you’re preventing me from visiting her, Mr. Farwell.” That was Jack’s attempt at a negotiation.

However, Lucian was unmoving. “She won’t know.” Jack’s expression shifted slightly when he heard that. I can tell he means it.

“Even if she knows, nothing’s going to happen.” Lucian mocked, “Don’t forget, Mr. Damaris, you two are only business partners. Your late-night visit is clearly overstepping her boundaries.”

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