Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1210

Meanwhile, Jonathan brought the three children. out of the hospital.. He was familiar with the surroundings as he often visited all the hospitals for inspection, so he took them to a nearby fast-food restaurant.

They had just reached the entrance of the café next door when they bumped into three people coming out of it.

A look of panic flashed across Frieda’s and Aubree’s faces, and they instinctively glanced in Cory’s direction because they were not sure if Jonathan had ever met him. If Jonathan is also involved in the investigation

of Cory, then we really won’t be able to hide the truth. However, Cory was much calmer than the two of them.

When he saw Jonathan, he did not even stop and walked straight past Aubree and Frieda, acting as if they were strangers who just happened to come out of the café together.

He did it so naturally that Jonathan did not spare it further thought but just looked at the two people in front of him with furrowed brows. “Jonathan.”

“Hi” They both bit the bullet and greeted him out of guilt.

Jonathan cocked his head slightly before saying ambiguously, “What a coincidence! I was wondering why you hadn’t come up sooner, Frieda. I see that it’s because you have met at friend here.”

After saying that, he gave his sister a meaningful look.

Frieda nodded stiffly. “I didn’t know when you and Lucian would finish talking, so I thought of having a coffee outside while waiting, but I wasn’t expecting to run into Aubree.”

Jonathan shifted his gaze to Aubree and said. casually, “It’s late. What are you doing here?”

Although she was displeased by his interrogative tone, she replied in a friendly manner to lower his guard, “I came over to have a look after learning that Lucian was in the hospital. I didn’t expect that it was Ms. Jarvis who was hospitalized. Since Lucian didn’t allow me to remain upstairs, I decided to have coffee here so that I could hurry over if he needed anything.”

Suspicion flashed across Jonathan’s eyes despite her words demonstrating her painstaking efforts toward Lucian.

I’m not sure if I’m overanalyzing this, but the fact that these two persons are present here at the same time feels like too much of a coincidence. However, Roxanne’s poisoning incident this time obviously had nothing to do with them..

He wanted to ask a few more questions, but Estella suddenly tugged at the hem of his clothes. “I’m hungry.”

The little girl looked up at him pitifully. When he met her gaze, Jonathan suddenly remembered what he was supposed to do and smiled apologetically at the children. “Sorry, I almost forgot about you all.”

After saying that, he bade Frieda and Aubree goodbye and took the three children into the fast-food restaurant next door. Aubree’s eyes were filled with menace as she stared at their retreating figures.

Frieda had told her long before that Jonathan had always supported Roxanne and Lucian’s. relationship and even helped the latter devise plans to win her over.

But I didn’t anticipate that Jonathan would become suspicious of me because of that b*tch! We grew up together! What’s so great about that b*tch that she can win over so many people?

Jealousy overcame Aubree, and she even felt the impulse to kill Roxanne again.

Frieda keenly sensed her emotional change and swiftly said, “Don’t mind my brother, Aubree. That’s just the way he is. When you eventually marry into the Farwell family, make him regret it.”

She lowered her eyes to check the time after saying that. “We sent Mr. Damaris a message more than half an hour ago. Although the Damaris residence is far from town, he should be there soon since it’s been so long.”

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