Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1209

“Roxanne?” Lucian’s heart wrenched as he walked over to the hospital bed and called out softly to the person lying there.

However, Roxanne’s eyelids were heavy. She wanted to respond but lacked the energy. Sleep was all she wished for. Lucian grew increasingly gloomy as she became more drowsy.

After a long time, he angrily opened the ward door and glared at the specialist waiting outside. “M-Mr. Farwell…”

One of the specialists had stayed behind and waited outside the door just in case, following Roxanne’s sudden headache earlier.

The specialist did not expect that he would have to face the furious Lucian alone, and he shuddered internally. Lucian’s face clouded over. “What injection did you give her? Why is she so sleepy after the shot?” he asked.

When the specialist heard that, he exhaled in relief before assuring him, “Well, this is because Ms. Jarvis was tormented by pain for the whole day and also suffered a drastic change of emotions earlier, we added some sedatives to the painkiller injection so she can get a good rest.”

The mood swings would stop as soon as she fell asleep. That was the most effective solution they could come up with. Only after hearing that did Lucian’s expression soften.

“We acted on our own and forgot to inform you. Sorry for making you worry,” the specialist apologized sheepishly.

Lucian immediately felt a weight lifted off his chest again. After learning that she would fall asleep, the cumulative exhaustion of the day seemed to hit him all at once. “It’s fine. Your solution is excellent,” he responded while waving a dismissive hand at the specialist.

With that, he spun around and entered the ward again. At that moment, Roxanne’s consciousness was drifting away.

However, she was afraid of sinking into deep unconsciousness once more because of the poisoning symptoms, so she restrained herself from dozing off.

Thus, she could vaguely hear some footsteps. As they got closer, she gradually tensed up. Lucian’s eyes flashed with pain as he stood still beside the hospital bed and looked down at the anguish on her face.

Roxanne could sense the visitor standing by the bed for some time without moving. She could not help but feel a little uneasy and even wondered if the person standing next to her was Lucian.

Just as she was panicking, a large hand suddenly touched her cheek. Her heart lurched, and she instinctively wanted to push his hand away, but she lacked the strength to do so.

The next moment, she heard Lucian slowly uttering beside her ear, “Go ahead and sleep. I’ve checked with the doctor. He has added sedatives to the painkiller injection, so don’t worry about passing out for a long time. As for the children, I have asked Jonathan to take them out for a meal. They’ll be back in a bit.”

Roxanne began to slowly relax once more after hearing his voice. Following his words, she finally let her guard down, yielded to the effect of the sedatives, and let herself fall into a deep sleep.

As her eyes were closed and her consciousness hazy, she did not notice how close his voice was to her. Lucian hunched over with a hand on the side of her face. He brought his lips close to her ear to ensure that she could hear him.

Coupled with the dim lights in the ward, anyone would assume from their position that they were an intimate couple.

A while later, Lucian slowly straightened his back after confirming that Roxanne was asleep. However, his hand was still on her cheek, and he could not resist caressing it twice.

Even though she was asleep, he could not help. but feel a rush of satisfaction as he watched her sleep.

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