Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1202

“Help me kill that b*tch!” Aubree stared deeply into Cory’s eyes. I can’t wait any longer! Roxanne must die! “Have you gone mad?” Cory stared at her incredulously when he heard those words.

Cory was merely a private investigator who was good at stalking and investigating. Generally speaking, private investigators were timid and cautious.

Although Cory turned out to be an exception because he preferred tough missions like stalking Roxanne while risking being caught by Lucian, that didn’t mean he had the guts to commit murder.

Even though it wasn’t an impossible task to kill someone in front of Lucian, Cory knew he was bound to get caught if he were to do it.

“Help me kill her. I can give you whatever you want in return!” Aubree’s eyes were filled with madness. “She must die!”

Cory frowned, and he wanted to get out of there. If I stay here any longer, Aubree is going to say something even crazier.

Before he could run away, Aubree held his wrist and uttered in a cold tone, “Don’t run! We’re in the same boat, remember? You played a part in me poisoning those b*stards! If Lucian were to find out about it, do you think he’s going to let you live?”

Cory froze and shot her an icy glance. “Are you threatening me?”

“I’m just telling the truth! Do you think we would be able to escape punishment if Roxanne were to end up marrying Lucian? The only way out of this is to let me take that spot! In other words, Roxanne must die!” Aubree sneered.

In that instant, silence descended upon the restroom. As Cory was looking at the person before him, he wanted nothing more than to kill her.

“Help me,” Aubree said in an alluring tone. “If you help me, I can pay you however much you want. Once you’ve done it, I’ll send you abroad immediately. Lucian wouldn’t even look for you. If he does, he wouldn’t be able to find dirt on you!”

Cory gritted his teeth and mulled over the matter carefully. In the end, he uttered through gritted teeth, “I can’t do it. Find a professional killer to do it for you.”

Aubree unhesitatingly rejected him, “I know you can do it! I only trust you!”

Evidently, Aubree, Cory, and Frieda were all in the same boat. In order to save themselves, they had to make sure Aubree became Lucian’s wife..

Aubree knew that was their common interest.

Cory was at his wits’ end. He didn’t dare to reject Aubree after he saw the crazy look in her eyes. Hence, he decided to shake her off by saying, “I’ll have to think about it first. Once I’ve done that, I’ll get back to you.”

Upon hearing that, Aubree stared at him suspiciously for a few seconds before letting him go reluctantly. When they were exiting the restroom, Aubree’s phone rang.

At that point, Aubree wasn’t as agitated anymore. After all, Cory had just told her he would consider it. She then whipped out her phone and saw that it was a call from Frieda. Why is she calling at such an hour?

Aubree answered the phone with a frown. The moment she did that, she heard Frieda saying, “Aubree, where are you? Did you know something happened to Roxanne? Lucian is with her now!”

Prior to that, Frieda was already getting ready to go to bed, but she suddenly saw Jonathan coming out of his room anxiously while being on the phone.

Initially, she chose to ignore him. However, she heard Jonathan mentioning Roxanne, so she decided to listen in. After hearing about the matter, she called Aubree right away.

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