Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1198

Benny asked adorably, “But Mommy is still sick. What can we do?” If we tell Mommy we like Mr. Farwell, she’ll get all emotional. I don’t want her to fall sick again. Archie’s expression was stern as he turned to look at Estella.

“Since Mommy is sick, let’s talk to Mr. Farwell first. Did you see how worried Mr. Farwell was? I believe he still loves Mommy!” It was up to Estella to convince Lucian.

Estella quickly understood what he meant. She nodded firmly. “I’ll go find Daddy now!” She spun on her heels to carry out the deed. Archie grabbed her hand and frowned. “You can’t just leave now!”

He knew Lucian would tell them to stay out of his business if they were to ask him directly. We have to come up with something smart!

The kids gathered around and started whispering to each other. A few minutes later, Estella opened the door, her eyes all red. “Ms. Estella!” Cayden came over to her, looking concerned. “Why are you still up? Can’t you sleep?”

Estella nodded sadly and mumbled, “Daddy”

Cayden knelt down to meet her gaze. “Do you want to see Mr. Farwell?”

Estella gave a firm nod. Seeing that, Cayden stood up and knocked on the door of Roxanne’s ward.

Shortly after, Lucian walked out. His brows knitted together when he saw Estella standing outside. “What’s wrong?”

Estella flung her arms around Lucian’s legs and sobbed, “I want Ms. Jarvis. I want her.”

Lucian’s gaze turned dark as he glanced in the direction of Roxanne’s ward. She was already asleep when he came out, so he didn’t want Estella to head in and disturb her rest.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Bending down, he picked Estella up and asked gently, “Tell me what it is about.”

Estella was a pretty good actress. Her voice was choking as she said, “I dreamed that Ms. Jarvis didn’t want me anymore. And…”.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she trailed off sadly. A deep line appeared between Lucian’s brows, and he urged, “And what else?” “Mommy…” Estella choked out. “I dreamed about Mommy.”

Lucian’s gaze darkened when he heard her words. He recalled that Estella had addressed Roxanne as “Mommy” some time ago, and now she dreamed of her mother.

What are the odds? Is it because they are related by blood?

With that thought in mind, he blurted out, “Why did you call Roxanne ‘Mommy’ earlier?” Estella was truly concerned about Roxanne, so her tears weren’t actually faked as she was showing her real emotions.

Hearing Lucian’s question, Estella promptly wrapped her arms around his neck and sobbed, “I want Ms. Jarvis to be my mommy! Daddy, don’t be mad at her. I don’t want her to get sick!”

Everyone was shocked that Roxanne had fallen ill, including Lucian, so he could understand Estella’s feelings. Lucian’s thoughts were in a flurry after he heard Estella’s heartfelt words.

He wanted nothing more than to say yes, but he remembered how Roxanne tried to avoid him. I took great care of her, but she still wants to stay away from me.

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