Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1196

It was late at night. Roxanne assumed Lucian wouldn’t return after putting the kids to bed, so she lay in bed and allowed her thoughts to run wild. She thought she had stopped loving Lucian.

After hearing the opinions of the specialists and the children, as well as a faint recollection of Lucian’s voice from when she was unconscious, she couldn’t help but feel at maelstrom of churning emotions.

What does Lucian think of me? An overwhelming swirl of emotions would flood Roxanne’s mind whenever she thought about that.

“A penny for your thoughts.” Lucian’s voice suddenly rang in her ear. Taken aback, Roxanne quickly composed herself. I was too engrossed in my thoughts. I didn’t even know when Lucian came in!

“The specialists said you must not get emotional. If it’s not important, you should stop thinking too much.” Lucian’s voice sounded calmer than before, which brought her a sense of security.

It took Roxanne a few seconds to regain her composure. She blurted out, “W-Why did you come back? It’s late…”

Lucian revealed honestly, “You have just regained consciousness and need someone to accompany you. I can’t let you stay here alone.”

Roxanne’s eyes turned as wide as saucers. She couldn’t believe her ears. Does Lucian know what he’s talking about? Does he know the significance of his words?

Uncertain about his thoughts, she refrained from asking him further questions. She tried to brush off the matter by saying, “I’m feeling better now. Mr. Farwell, you must be exhausted. You should turn in early tonight.”

Lucian’s eyes were too bloodshot for her to ignore. To her surprise, Lucian dragged a chair over and sat down beside her bed. Roxanne frowned. “I’m fine, really. You don’t have to stay here.”

Lucian was unfazed. “Well, I don’t trust you anymore.” With that, he whipped out his phone calmly. Before Roxanne could protest, Lucian declared.

“I had to end a crucial meeting prematurely due to your fainting spell. I need to attend to it now. If you feel guilty, please be quiet and take some time to rest instead of distracting me.” He remained focused on his phone, avoiding any eye contact.

Hearing that, Roxanne had to swallow her remaining words. She felt a wave of conflicting emotions wash over her as she gaped at him.

The lights in the room were dim which allowed her to rest well. Thus, Roxanne couldn’t see his expression clearly. She regarded him for a while and could only see his slender fingers gliding across the screen.

Assuming he was busy with work, Roxanne looked away sheepishly and shut her eyes, forcing herself to go to bed. Once her eyes were shut, the image of an exhausted Lucian emerged in her mind.

Roxanne couldn’t resist her curiosity and wondered what Lucian had said to her while she was unconscious. She distinctly remembered that Lucian spoke for a long time, and his tone was unlike his usual manner.

Meanwhile, Aubree refused to give up and remained at the Farwell residence until late at night. Alas, Lucian didn’t come home.

Catalina couldn’t stand it anymore and told her, “Ms. Pearson, it appears that Mr. Farwell won’t be returning tonight. It would be best for you to go home now.”

Aubree glanced at her watch. Her expression was grim as she stood up to leave. Right after walking out of the mansion, she sent Cory a text to find out where Roxanne was.

Lucian wasn’t at home despite it being late at night, leading her to fear that he might be with Roxanne.

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