Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1190

The look on Lucian’s face threw Roxanne into a slight daze. Why is he like this? Is he worried about me? But we’re not in any relationship. What’s the reason that’s making him so worried?

Lucian let out a deep sigh of relief, feeling as if the weight in his heart was lifted.

Glancing at the dumbfounded woman on the bed, he stepped forward impulsively. His gaze was so intense as if he was going to make a hole in her face.

Upon meeting his gaze, Roxanne felt an odd feeling creeping into her heart, so she turned away wanting to avoid it. “How are you feeling? Do you feel any discomfort?” asked Lucian before she could turn away.

Roxanne’s heart twinged when she heard his hoarse voice. In the end, she lowered her gaze to conceal her emotions. “I don’t know. It just feels like I’ve been sleeping for a long time.”

Frowning, Lucian suddenly reached out to feel her forehead. Roxanne froze, and her mind went blank. Meanwhile, Lucian placed his hand on her forehead for a long time.

He did not know what was wrong with him. He was clearly aware that Roxanne was poisoned, yet he chose to show his care for her using such a poor excuse.

Then again, he really did not know how else to show his concern. Even the children were stupefied. Benny asked innocently, “Mommy, are you having a fever?”

His voice brought the adults back to reality. At that, Roxanne turned her head to dodge Lucian’s hand, flashing the children a comforting smile.

Just as she was about to say no, she recalled Lucian’s actions earlier. If she were to deny that, then it would be even more difficult to explain Lucian’s gesture.

For a moment, Roxanne did not know how to answer the children. Thankfully, one of the specialists voiced up, “Ahem.”

The head of the specialists had mustered his courage to break the awkward atmosphere in the room. “Since Ms. Jarvis has just awakened, we’ll need to examine her body. Mr. Farwell, can you bring the children out for a moment?”

Lucian fell silent for several seconds before nodding. “Let’s go out first,” he said to the children. Of course, the children were reluctant to leave. It had not been easy waiting for Roxanne to wake up, after all.

Estella held Roxanne’s hand tightly, looking utterly uneasy. She feared Roxanne would go back to sleep after she left. Roxanne could see the fear on their faces, and she could not help but feel sorry for them.

“Be good, okay? Go out for a while. I’ll wait for all of you to come back.” With that said, she patted the children’s heads. Still, Estella was reluctant to leave.

“Darlings, please go out, okay? Ms. Jarvis just woke up, so she shouldn’t get too emotional. Otherwise, it would affect her condition. Surely you don’t want anything to happen to her again, right?” coaxed one of the specialists patiently.

Hearing that, the children glanced at Roxanne hesitantly. Archie walked over to Estella and held her hand firmly. “Let’s go. We’ll wait outside while the doctors examine Mommy’.”

Seeing the uneasy look on Estella’s face, he comforted patiently, “Don’t be scared. She’s already awake. Nothing will happen to her again.”

Only then did Estella give a slow nod and walked out of the room with the boys, glancing back with every step she took.

Meanwhile, Lucian told the specialists a few words before turning around to leave. “Ms. Jarvis, we never knew you were acquainted with Mr. Farwell,” commented one of the specialists who had met Roxanne before.

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