Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1186

There was an urgent look on Aubree’s face as if she wanted to personally bring Estella to Lucian. Lucian had been treating Aubree coldly ever since Estella got bullied at the kindergarten.

In fact, Aubree had not met Lucian for the past few days. That day, she had a golden opportunity to wait for Lucian to return by using Estella as an excuse.

To her dismay, not only did Lucian not return, but he even sent Cayden to pick Estella up. Naturally, Aubree would not miss out on that opportunity.

Alas, Cayden apologized coldly, “I’m sorry, Ms. Pearson. It’s not my place to reveal Mr. Farwell’s schedule.” Aubree’s expression darkened as soon as she heard that.

What do you mean you can’t reveal his schedule? “Don’t you forget I’m Lucian’s fiancée. Why are you hiding his schedule from me?” Aubree questioned, glaring furiously at Cayden.

Nonetheless, Cayden was unfazed. “I know you’re Mr. Farwell’s fiancée, but I’ll still be saying the same thing even if Mrs. Farwell is here today.” Aubree gritted her teeth in fury. “Don’t go overboard, Cayden!”

This obtuse man was the one who ruined my plans last time. And now, he’s keeping Lucian’s schedule a secret from me.

Cayden merely lowered his head and explained, “If you think there’s no need to hide it from you, you may give Mr. Farwell a call. He still has some time to answer some calls, after all. He’ll tell you if he thinks you should know about it.”

Having said that, he turned to look at Estella. “Let’s go, Ms. Estella.”

Estella immediately leaped off the couch, ran to him, and held his hand sweetly. With that, Cayden led the girl away.

Aubree purpled with fury as she watched them leave. “I’ll go with you!”

After placing Estella in the car, Cayden shut the door and said firmly, “Mr. Farwell has only instructed me to bring Ms. Estella over. If you’d like to tag along, please give Mr. Farwell a call. I’ll bring you along if he gives his approval.”

Aubree’s expression froze when she heard that.

Strangely, she felt slightly confident when she recalled the fact that Lucian had taken the initiative to call her that afternoon. Hence, she pulled out her phone and called him.

Unfortunately, the call was declined after the first ring. The screen on the phone reflected Aubree’s vicious expression. “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave with Ms. Estella first. I’ll pick you up if Mr. Farwell instructs me to do so.”

Cayden sounded incredibly polite. After saying that, he got into the car and drove in the direction of the hospital.

As she watched Cayden’s car disappear from her line of sight, she snatched a handful of flowers at the mansion’s entrance and watched the petals fall to the ground. Gnashing her teeth, she crushed them all.

“Mr. Lawson, where are we going?” On their way to the hospital, Estella cast. Cayden a puzzled look. However, a pained look appeared on his face. when he heard the question.

After some time, he said awkwardly, “You’ll find out once we’re there. Don’t worry. Mr. Farwell is waiting for us there.” Pouting, Estella fell silent for a while before suddenly asking, “Is Ms. Jarvis there, too?”

She missed Roxanne terribly especially that day. Cayden merely flashed her a bitter smile, not knowing how to answer her question.

Estella then added, “Can we see Ms. Jarvis first, then? Just a short while will do. Then, we can go to Daddy.”

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