Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1183

“Mommy…” Knowing that Roxanne was in the hospital room behind Lucian, Benny immediately sprinted forward to go in for a look.

Lucian was already distressed because of Roxanne’s condition. At the sight of Archie and Benny in such anguish, another wave of sorrow washed over him. Nonetheless, he still reached out and held Benny back.

Anxious to see his mother, Benny struggled desperately. “I want to see Mommy! Mommy!” Despite that, Lucian’s grip on him remained firm. Seeing Benny in tears, the few specialists felt sorry for him.

However, if they were to allow Archie and Benny to barge in, the boys would likely throw themselves at Roxanne and wail incessantly. That would be of no help to the treatment.

On the contrary, Archie was far calmer than his brother. Although his eyes were also red- rimmed, he merely stood there quietly. “What do you need me and Benny to do?”

Mommy has likely been unconscious for a long time. At the very least, she has already been in such a condition when Mr. Lawson picked us up from school. At that time, Daddy asked him to keep it a secret from us. But now, Daddy suddenly had him bring us here. As such, there must be something in which he needs our help!

Archie and Benny’s devastation had utterly broken the specialists’ hearts.

However, Archie’s calmness under such circumstances left them in awe. A strange look flittered across Lucian’s eyes, but he swiftly gathered his wits.

He started, “Do you still remember the play we staged back then?” In response, Archie bobbed his head.

Lifting his hand, Lucian stroked the boy’s head and elaborated in a deep voice, “Your mommy is Sleeping Beauty right now. She’s merely asleep and needs you two to wake her up. Don’t cry after entering the room. Instead, talk to her.”

Sniffling, Archie nodded. “Understood.” After saying that, he reached out and took his brother’s hand.

Initially, Benny was bawling ceaselessly. When Archie grasped his hand, he slowly fell silent though tears continued streaming down his face.

“Can we go in now?” Archie looked up at the adults in front of him. Nodding profusely, the few specialists made. way for the boys.

Lucian spun around, leading Archie and Benny into the hospital room. No sooner had he opened the hospital room door than the two boys rushed over to the hospital bed on their short legs.

“Mommy!” As Benny gazed at Roxanne’s sleeping countenance, his tears which had finally ceased started pouring again..

At long last, Archie similarly couldn’t control his emotions any longer and started crying. Meanwhile, Lucian stood at the door. He waited. for a few seconds before dragging his feet into the room.

“Be good, and don’t cry anymore. Talk to your mommy. She must be eager to hear your voices.”

Through their tears, Archie and Benny nodded. Lucian turned and cast a look at the woman on the bed. “Archie and Benny are here. Hurry up and wake up.”

Having said that, he gazed solemnly at the boys before pivoting and retreating to the corner.

Flinging themselves at the hospital bed, Archie and Benny clutched Roxanne’s hand outside the covers. They found her hand warm, as though someone else had been holding it earlier.

Nevertheless, they hadn’t the time to ponder upon it. In juvenile voices, they started speaking into Roxanne’s ear. “We’re worried sick about you, Mommy. Can you please not sleep anymore? We’re scared…”

“Hurry up and wake up, Mommy. If you wake up, we’ll behave and listen to you. We’ll never make you mad anymore…” As they spoke, they began choking on tears.

Even Lucian couldn’t bear listening to them any longer. However, when he shifted his gaze to Roxanne, he saw that her eyes remained tightly shut.

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