Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1182

Just when they were discussing whether to go out and look for Roxanne, the doorbell rang out of the blue. “Is Mommy home?” Benny leaped off the couch excitedly. Likewise, Archie sprang to his feet..

The two boys trotted over to the mansion door and turned on the video intercom for a look. When they saw the person standing at the door, their faces promptly fell.

“Archie, Benny, it’s me. Open the door, quick.” Haunted by guilt, Cayden sounded incredibly gentle. The boys begrudgingly opened the door. “What’s the matter, Mr. Lawson? Was it Mommy who sent you here?”

Cayden’s gaze was conflicted. “Yeah, I’ll bring you both to see her now.” The instant Benny heard that, his eyes lit up. Conversely, Archie’s heart sank with worry.

It’s late now. If Mommy wanted to see us, she could’ve come by herself. Since she asked Mr. Lawson to come and pick us up, there’s a high possibility that something had happened to her.

“Did something happen to our mommy, Mr. Lawson?” He stared at Cayden seriously, his expression grave.

At the knowing look in Archie’s eyes, Cayden opened his mouth, but he didn’t quite know how to tell the boy the truth.

A long moment passed before he simply muttered, “You’ll know when we reach.”

Only then did Benny belatedly realize that something was amiss. His expression gradually froze. Having long since braced himself for bad news, Archie took his brother’s hand and inclined his head at Cayden. “Bring us there.”

Cayden turned away and nodded, lacking the guts to look them in the eye. Whirling around, he strode toward the car.

When they reached the car door, he bent down and carried Archie and Benny into the car, one after another.

Throughout the drive, all three of them were in a subdued mood. By the time they arrived at the entrance of the hospital, Zayne already had someone waiting at the door.

As soon as the person saw them approaching, he immediately rushed forward and greeted, “Are you Mr. Lawson? Mr. Farwell and the others are already waiting upstairs.”

After saying that, he shifted his gaze to Archie and Benny with sympathy brimming in his eyes. Archie and Benny keenly sensed the stranger’s gaze. Once more, unease swamped them.

Shortly after, they arrived at the top floor under the staff’s lead. Lucian stood at the hospital room door with his face devoid of expression. Beside him were a group of terrified specialists and also Zayne.

“Mr. Farwell.” Stepping forward, Archie and Benny went over to Lucian. Lucian tilted his head slightly at them before glancing over his shoulder at the hospital room.

Even he didn’t quite know how to tell the boys. about Roxanne’s condition at that moment. Before he could organize his words, Archie’s juvenile voice rang out. “Did something happen to Mommy? How is she right now?”

His voice was calm, and he sounded just like an adult. As he spoke, he even grasped his brother’s hand in consolation.

The young boy’s sensibility made Lucian’s heart clench bitterly. Archie and Benny waited for some time, but Lucian remained silent.

Thus, they pinned their gazes on the few men in white coats behind the man. Needless to say, the few specialists couldn’t withstand their intent stare. Just as they were about to explain, Lucian’s voice broke the silence.

“There was an accident when your mommy was carrying out an experiment, and she passed out. But don’t worry, for her life isn’t in danger. She merely hasn’t woken up yet.”

Lucian tried his best to sound gentle and soothing. When Archie and Benny heard that, their expressions changed drastically. No wonder we’ve been feeling uneasy the entire day. Something had really happened to Mommy!

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