Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1181

In the face of Lucian’s accusation, everyone hastily explained, “It’s effective! When you were inside just now, Ms. Jarvis’ brain waves fluctuated greatly!” The look in Lucian’s eyes was frightfully grim. “If so, why is she still not awake?”

At that question, the specialists looked at each other. “Because… the stimulation is still insufficient. You must have mentioned something she cares about earlier. We all feel that she’s close to regaining consciousness.”

Following that remark, Lucian’s expression turned even colder. It left them without a shadow of a doubt that the man would dismiss them if they were to tarry any longer in offering a solution.

“We propose to have Ms. Jarvis’ two kids come and talk to her. Perhaps she’ll then wake up.”

The specialist remembered Lucian’s objection a while ago, so he sounded exceedingly cautious. Have Archie and Benny come?

A frown marred Lucian’s countenance, and aggravation brimmed in his eyes.

She’s now unconscious, but if she were awake, she would certainly not want the two kids to see her in such a condition. She wouldn’t want to worry them. Yet, according to the specialists, that’s the only way left.

“I understand your concern, Mr. Farwell. But if Ms. Jarvis remains unconscious, the kids will learn about this matter sooner or later. The later they find out about this, the greater the fear they will experience.”

Biting the bullet, the specialist insisted on having the boys come over. Lucian’s gaze darkened time and again. A moment later, he relented, “Got it.” “So…”

The specialists were about to speak further when the man before them abruptly pivoted and went back into the hospital room.

Seeing that, they exchanged glances, entirely baffled. Before he returned to the room, he only said “got it.” What does that mean? Is he going to bring the two kids over or not?

In the hospital room, Lucian stood beside Roxanne and stated solemnly, “The doctor suggested that I bring Archie and Benny over to talk to you. You probably don’t want them to know about this, right?”

After he had said that, he fixated his eyes on the woman on the hospital bed, his gaze somber. When he saw that she was still unresponsive, he finally took out his phone and gave Cayden a call.

It was already late at night then. Cayden had just finished bathing. Unfortunately, the guilt within him kept him awake.

As soon as he saw his employer’s caller ID, he swiftly climbed out of bed and answered the call. “What do you need from me, Mr. Farwell?”

“Go to Roxanne’s house and drive the two kids over.” Lucian’s voice was stained with weariness. Hearing that, Cayden was stunned. “Has Ms. Jarvis regained consciousness, Mr. Farwell?”

That was the only possibility he could think of. However, Lucian said nothing. In no time, understanding dawned upon Cayden -Roxanne was still unconscious.

In that case, why is he having the two kids over? At the sight of their mother unconscious, they’ll undoubtedly cry. In a flash, the guilt he had been trying hard to suppress surged forward again.

Since Roxanne was still unconscious, it stood to reason that Lucian must be in a foul mood.

Not daring to ask any more questions, Cayden merely murmured an acknowledgment. Subsequently, he got up and headed to Roxanne’s house.

Meanwhile, Archie and Benny weren’t in bed yet. They were still sitting on the couch, waiting for their mother to return home.

However, it was going to be half past nine soon, and there were still no signs of Roxanne. They called her, but her phone had been turned off.

Verily, they were both fearful and worried. “Could something really have happened to Mommy, Archie?” Benny grabbed his brother’s hand nervously. Archie bit his lip, his heart heavy.

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