Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1179

At the specialist’s remark, Lucian finally relented with a frown. This time, two specialists accompanied him. into the ward. They monitored Roxanne’s brain waves outside, prepared to notify Lucian when there were fluctuations.

Hence, Lucian stepped into the hospital room again. On the hospital bed, Roxanne still showed no signs of waking up. “They said you might wake up if I talk to you.”

Lucian walked over to the hospital bed with heavy steps. After a long moment of hesitation, he reached out and took Roxanne’s hand, which lay limply by her side.

For once, she didn’t resist. Ironically, he couldn’t muster up any joy from it. As he scrutinized her pale face, his voice lowered. “What would you like to hear?”

As expected, he received no response to that question. Lucian chuckled bitterly. Something abruptly occurred to him, and he started, “Seems like there are a lot of misunderstandings between us.”

He pondered for a while, his gaze turning distant. “I was sincere back when I said I wanted to pursue you. Your accusation wasn’t true. I courted you first before the issue with Herbscape Group cropped up.”

Although the person on the hospital bed might not necessarily hear him, he continued rambling. “I went to the florist in person and hand-picked the flowers I gifted you previously. I’ve never had the opportunity to ask you whether you liked them. But since you returned them all, you probably… didn’t like them, yes?”

At that, his lips twitched self-deprecatingly. “I don’t know whether you disliked the flowers or me.”

Then, he divulged, “It was the first time I ever pursued someone, so I hadn’t much experience. I asked Jonathan for advice on a lot of things.”

Recalling how Jonathan derided him, Lucian couldn’t help finding it rather ridiculous. “He laughed at me several times because of that,. but his ideas ended up ineffectual. When you wake up, I’ll definitely go to him and settle the score.”

The specialists outside wore somber expressions as they observed Roxanne’s brain waves. It had almost been ten minutes since Lucian had gone into the room. While there were fluctuations in Roxanne’s brain waves, they were minute.

Evidently, he hadn’t mentioned a subject she truly cared about, and the stimulation to her wasn’t great enough. They eyed one another, none having the guts to go and ask Lucian to come out.

After waiting for a while longer and seeing that Roxanne’s brain waves were close to static once more, one of the specialists mustered his courage and knocked on the door at long last.

Frowning, Lucian stopped talking. He lifted his eyes and glanced in the direction of the door. Through the window on the door, he spotted a specialist beckoning at him warily, signaling him to exit the ward.

A glimmer of surprise flashed across his eyes, and he thought that his words earlier had worked. Consequently, his expression was expectant when he walked out of the room.

They had all gotten used to his glacial expression earlier, so panic swamped them to: see some other emotion on his face.

“Well? Are there fluctuations?” Dipping his eyes, Lucian directed his gaze at the equipment on the table. Without needing the specialists to answer him, he had already seen the results.

On the screen, the activity graph of the brain waves remained uniform. I said so much earlier, but it all seemed to have no effect on Roxanne.

As that realization dawned upon him, the temperature around him plummeted further. At the same time, a sense of defeat inundated him. Oh well, it turns out that I’m nobody to her…

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