Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1176

When Lucian received no response after waiting for a while, the fury within him abruptly burst forth. “Have the lot of you gone deaf? I’m asking you where she is!”

Biting the bullet, the leading specialist swiftly explained, “The thing is, although Dr. Jarvis condition has stabilized for the time being…. she’s still in a coma. After checking her out, our conclusion is that the toxicity inflicted damage on her cranial nerves. We’re not sure when she’ll regain consciousness either.”

No sooner had his words fallen than a gigantic hand grabbed his collar, and he stumbled two steps forward.

Not daring to resist, the specialist could only coax, “Mr. Farwell… Mr. Farwell… Calm down… Ms. Jarvis has already been wheeled to the ward. If you’re really worried, you can go and check on her.”

Pulling the man close, Lucian eyeballed him. with a piercing gaze. “I didn’t call you here to listen to such nonsense! I want a full recovery for her! Otherwise, what’s the use of you all?”

Trepidation was written all over the specialist’s face. “I know, but Ms. Jarvis was sent to the hospital too late. If she had been brought over right after she had passed out, we could’ve undoubtedly cured her. It’s already too late to say anything now. The golden hour has passed “I don’t want to hear all this!” Lucian’s voice was icy without a trace of warmth.

The specialist’s heart lurched, and he quickly changed his tune. “We’ll definitely do our best and figure out a way to wake Ms. Jarvis up in the shortest time possible!”

After saying that, he cautiously looked at the man in front of him. “But before we come up with a cure, we think she’s still aware of her surroundings. Perhaps talking to her can wake her up.”

Lucian’s hands clenched even tighter. Struggling to regain his composure, he released the man before him. The specialist instantly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Where is she? I’ll go and check on her,” Lucian demanded curtly. I must see her in person before I can rest easy.

Hearing that, all the specialists told him the location of Roxanne’s ward without hesitation. The entire medical team led Lucian toward Roxanne’s ward.

When they reached the elevator, they bumped into Zayne, who had been waiting there. “Mr. Farwell, I’ve arranged the best ward for Ms. Jarvis. I’ll bring you there right away!”

Having said that, he eagerly pressed the elevator button for them. He waited until Lucian had entered before he followed posthaste.

They all stopped before a VIP ward upstairs. With heavy steps, Lucian stepped into the ward. Zayne and the specialists, on the other hand, tactfully waited outside the door.

When Lucian reached the internal room door within the ward, he was greeted by the sight of Roxanne unconscious on the other side through the window on the door. Without warning, a stabbing pain pierced his heart.

As Roxanne had been given emergency treatment, she had been changed into a white and blue-striped hospital gown. Her soft and silky hair was tucked behind her ears. From afar, she appeared to be just asleep.

Lucian stood at the door and watched for a long while before he managed to suppress the roiling emotions within him. He then entered the room.

While opening the door, he was exceedingly careful, as though fearing that he would wake. the person on the bed.

Stopping at the head of the bed, he gazed down at the woman on the hospital bed. His suppressed emotions surged once more.. After the torment Roxanne had been through, her face was drained of all color as she lay in bed.

On the back of her hand with the IV drip, blood vessels were distinctly visible. It wasn’t until Lucian had personally laid eyes on her in her current state that he was snapped out of his delusions. She’s really sick, not just asleep…

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