Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1175

However, an inexplicable sense of unease swamped Estella. She felt so aggrieved that her eyes turned red-rimmed. “No, I want you, Daddy!”

Perturbed, Lucian massaged his temples and tried to console his daughter by saying patiently, “Essie… I’ll be home very soon.” Unexpectedly, Estella suddenly demanded, “I want Ms. Jarvis!”

At the mention of Roxanne, Lucian’s heart promptly sank. Is this a coincidence? Why did she bring it up today, of all days, when she’s been waiting for Roxanne for days on end?

“Be good, Essie. Your daddy is busy with work. I’ll take good care of you.”

Hastily cutting Estella off, Aubree brought the phone to her ear, afraid that Estella would burst into tears if she continued with the conversation.

If that happened, she would really have no way of explaining things to Lucian. “Go and get busy, Lucian. Don’t worry, for I’ll get Essie home safely!”

Naturally, Lucian could hear the agitation in Estella’s voice, But in comparison with Roxanne’s current condition, he hadn’t the time to attend to his daughter.

Thus, he merely went silent for a few seconds following Aubree’s promise before acquiescing tersely. After hanging up the phone, Aubree glanced at the rearview mirror.

Phew! Fortunately, she’s merely tearing up and hasn’t yet started crying. I suppose Lucian didn’t notice anything amiss.

“Essie, Ms. Jarvis already has her own kids, so you can’t cling to her so much. Besides, she often fights with your daddy. You should be siding with your daddy.”

She attempted to mislead Estella into staying away from Roxanne. Estella, who was already in a bad mood that day, snorted angrily upon hearing disparaging. remarks about Roxanne from Aubree. Crossing her arms, she said nothing.

The little girl’s attitude caused Aubree to grit her teeth in vexation and forced herself to suppress the wrath within her. At the hospital, time continued ticking by.

It was already seven o’clock at night, and four to five hours had passed since Roxanne was wheeled into the emergency room.

Lucian had taken a seat after standing for a long time, and right then, he was again standing in front of the emergency room doors with a grim expression, waiting impatiently.

What exactly is going on in there? It’s been so long!

“Mr. Farwell, you haven’t eaten, have you? Why don’t we go and grab a bite together? I’ll have someone keep an eye on things here. If there’s any news, you’ll be notified at once.”

Meanwhile, the director of the hospital, Zayner Yaleman, was still persistently trying to ingratiate himself with Lucian.

As he spoke, he cautiously lifted his eyes and peeked at the man before him. Lucian whirled around, his eyes blazing scarlet. “Buzz off!”

The temperature around him was frightfully low. Shuddering instinctively, Zayne nodded fervently. “Sure! I’m going to buzz off right now. I’m leaving.”

Having said that, he spun on his heel and hurried away. Lucian turned back around and stared intently at the emergency room doors as though he wanted to bore a hole in them.

At that precise moment, the red light above the emergency room finally went out. The doors slowly swung open, upon which four or five doctors strode out with a few nurses.

At the sight of the medical team, Lucian immediately frowned. I don’t see any sign of Roxanne among the crowd.

“Where is she?” His voice was seemingly squeezed out between clenched teeth. The leading specialist hastened over and reported, “Calm down, Mr. Farwell. Dr. Jarvis condition has stabilized for the time being.”

Turning a deaf ear to that, Lucian pressed with his eyes fixated on the man, “So, where is she?”

Seeing that he was on the brink of snapping, the specialists exchanged glances. For a moment, no one dared to say anything. While we successfully saved the patient… things. aren’t looking so bright..

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