Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1172

As Cayden was all too familiar with the path from Farwell Group to the kindergarten, he was able to get there fairly quickly.

However, the mere thought of having to face Archie and Benny’s questioning later caused him to subconsciously slow down a little. Most of the kids had already gone home by the time Cayden arrived at the kindergarten.

Pippa was the only one waiting at the front gate with Archie and Benny. Cayden was hesitant to get out of the car at first as he was unsure of how he would face Archie and Benny.

However, his heart ached when he saw how lonely Archie and Benny looked, and he quickly. got out of the car without delay. “Mr. Lawson?”

Archie and Benny were expecting Roxanne to pick them up, so they couldn’t help but find it strange when they saw Cayden coming over. Cayden nodded awkwardly at them and quickly averted his gaze.

“Are you here to take care of Essie’s transfer procedures? Is she coming back?” Benny asked softly before the man could even say anything.

That was the only possibility they could come up with at the time. As Cayden was not expecting them to bring that up, he froze in surprise when he heard that.

Even Pippa’s expression changed when she saw his reaction. “Is that true? I’ll take you to Mr. Bauer right away!”

Cayden flashed her an awkward smile as he explained, “Oh, I’m afraid you have the wrong idea. I only came here today to pick Archie and Benny up from school.”

Pippa, Archie, and Benny had confusion written all over their faces.

Ms. Jarvis would usually send Lysa or Madilyn over to pick the kids up if she happened to be unavailable. She had never sent Mr. Lawson over. It would make sense if he were here to pick Archie and Benny up along with Essie, but she’s not attending school here anymore. It’s strange that he’s actually here just for them…

Archie and Benny were a little disappointed when they heard that he wasn’t here to take care of Estella’s transfer procedures. It pained Cayden deeply to see how depressed the two boys looked.

This really isn’t a good day for Archie and Benny…

Although Pippa knew who Cayden was, she decided to err on the side of caution and asked, “Mr. Lawson, may I ask why you came here specifically to pick Archie and Benny up today?”

Cayden hesitated for a bit before coming up with a weak excuse. “Ms. Jarvis and Mr. Farwell have some business to take care of, so Mr. Farwell sent me to pick them up.”

While it did not exactly sound very convincing, it was still a valid excuse. Pippa lowered her gaze and stared at Archie and Benny to seek their opinion on the situation.

The two boys exchanged glances as they pondered about it.

Ms. Ward has no idea how things are between Mommy and Daddy, but we know it all too well. Things are really tense between them right now, so there’s no way they’d take care of business together!

With a look of suspicion in his eyes, Archie said, “Ms. Ward, we would like to give our mommy a call.”

Pippa nodded as she dialed Roxanne’s number and handed them the phone. Cayden felt incredibly anxious when he saw the expectant looks on their faces.

Ms. Jarvis is still unconscious, so there’s no way she’d be able to answer their call! Sure enough, the line went dead after a while due to no one answering the phone.

Upon noticing their concerned expressions, Cayden bit the bullet and said, “Ms. Jarvis is probably too busy to answer the phone right. now.”

Pippa shifted her gaze between Cayden and the boys as she asked, “Archie, Benny, do you two want to go with Mr. Lawson?” Archie and Benny stared at Cayden for a few seconds before nodding silently in response.

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