Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1168

Jack scanned the surroundings and saw no sign of Roxanne anywhere. Hastily, he walked over to stop Lucian, who was about to leave. “Where’s Ms. Jarvis?”

Lucian could not believe that the other man still had the audacity to come after him. He paused in his tracks and shot an icy glare at Jack. “That’s none of your business. Stay in your lane. I’ll take care of my woman.”

“Lucian Farwell!” Jack found the man before him absolutely unreasonable. “Do you know what situation Ms. Jarvis is in? She might die any time! It’s fine if you don’t want me to treat her, but you should have at least let me go with her!”

I can still give Roxanne emergency treatment if anything happens to her on the way to the hospital.

As soon as he finished his sentence, he noticed the anger written all over Lucian’s face. “I told you this is none of your business! In fact, I’d like to ask you why you’re so worried about my woman!”

Jack frowned. “Have you been coveting her?” Lucian snapped. “Roxanne has explained to me that she bears no romantic feelings toward you. She only sees you as a business partner. Mr. Damaris, it’s best if you stop acting on those feelings of yours!”

With that, Lucian glanced at the hand on his arm and snarled, “Let go!”

Jack ignored his warning and insisted, “I’ll go with you to see her!” Jack’s insistence made Lucian’s temper flare, and in the next second, Lucian raised his fist to punch the other man.

Jack groaned in pain when he was hit in the stomach. Instinctively, he let go of Lucian and clutched his stomach.

“Stay away from her! If you keep pestering her, then I’ll have to start wondering if you were why she was poisoned,” Lucian hissed as he fixed his gaze on Jack, his expression grim.

Hearing that, Jack endured the intense pain in his stomach and gritted out, “Don’t make baseless accusations! If I did that to her, then why would I bother trying to save her? I’m just worried about Ms. Jarvis!”

By then, Lucian was already in the car. Without sparing Jack a glance, he answered, “I’ve already gotten the best doctor to be on standby, and I’ve made arrangements for her to be treated with the best equipment. There’s no way you can cure her if those can’t.”

With that said, he started the car and drove toward the hospital I’ve wasted too much time with Jack. I wonder how Roxanne is now.

Meanwhile, anger thrummed in Jack’s veins as he thought about the two punches he had to endure while watching Lucian drive off.

I hope Lucian will be plagued by regret for the rest of his life if anything happens to Roxanne. As for how he punched me twice… One day, I’ll make him pay twice the price!

“Mr. Damaris.” Just as Jack was stewing in his anger, Colby ambled out of the research institute and pretentiously looked around. “Why are you alone? Where are Dr. Jarvis and Mr. Farwell? How is Dr. Jarvis now?”

“Shut up!” Jack was already filled with fury, and Colby’s words only served to add fuel to the fire. A look of annoyance crept onto Jack’s face. Colby froze before tentatively asking, “Is Dr. Jarvis…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Jack interrupted him, “Colby, why did the experiment go wrong? What exactly happened?”

At that, Colby tensed, and the hair on the back of his neck stood on end. Jack’s tone sounded as if he already knew Colby was the one who had tampered with the experiment.

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