Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1167

“Please excuse me,” Jack said to the unconscious Roxanne before carefully reaching. out to undo her button. Colby was grimacing as he watched Jack’s actions. Right as Jack undid Roxanne’s first button, a series of rapid footsteps rang out from outside the office.

Colby’s eyes lit up, but he quickly suppressed his excitement and looked at the door in faked confusion. On the other hand, Jack was too focused on treating Roxanne, so he did not hear the sounds at all.

For ventilation purposes, the door to the office was wide open. The very second Lucian stepped into the office, he saw what Jack was doing. “What are you doing?”

Lucian already disliked Jack because of the latter’s relationship with Roxanne. Thus, he turned livid when he was greeted by the sight of Jack trying to take advantage of Roxanne while she was unconscious, and he dashed over right away.

Before Jack could react, he was punched in the face and stumbled a few steps back before finally regaining his balance.

“What are you trying to do to Roxanne while she’s unconscious, Jack Damaris? I’m warning you now, you better stay away from her! She’s mine!”

Lucian then pulled the unconscious Roxanne into his arms and glared at Jack viciously. Jack had inhaled toxic gas, so he was weaker than Lucian.

After getting punched, he took a whole minute to recollect himself and instinctively attempt to retaliate.

Nevertheless, when he registered who had arrived, he tamped down his fury and licked the corner of his scraped lips. “Ms. Jarvis has been poisoned. I’m afraid her life is in danger. I have to take off her shirt to perform acupuncture on her,” he said in a low voice.

When Lucian heard that, his eyes darkened, and he lowered his gaze to look at the woman in his arms.

Earlier, when he received Colby’s message, he was only informed about Roxanne’s unconscious state from getting poisoned. There was no mention of her life being in danger.

Even though he had made all the preparations for the worst-case scenario and had ordered the best hospital in the city to go on standby, he still couldn’t help panicking when he heard the news. If anything happens to Roxanne…

Jack lifted his hand to touch his injured cheek before walking back to Roxanne, intending to pick up where he left off. If Lucian had attacked him at a different time and place, Jack certainly would have returned the blow mercilessly.

However, Roxanne’s life was on the line, so Jack did not have time to settle the score with Lucian. “Get lost!” Yet, before he could even touch the woman, Lucian carried her in his arms and strode to the doorway Jack froze.

Once he realized what Lucian was trying to do, he hastily ran after him. “Lucian, Ms. Jarvis’ situation is urgent! We can’t waste any time at all! I might be able to treat her with the time you use to send her to the hospital!”

Lucian ignored him and continued walking toward the entrance of the research institute.

At that, Jack snapped his brows together and turned to shoot a glare at Colby, who was still standing in the office, before following Lucian.

An ambulance was already waiting at the entrance of the research institute, and a doctor and two nurses were waiting for Lucian’s orders.

The moment they saw Lucian stepping out of the building with Roxanne in his arms, they rushed over with a stretcher and swiftly placed Roxanne on it before carrying her into the ambulance.

By the time Jack came rushing out, the ambulance had already left. Lucian was left standing at the entrance while wearing a grim look on his face and was about to get into his own car.

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