Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1166

“Mr. Damaris, why don’t we take Dr. Jarvis to the hospital?” After finding the acupuncture tools, Colby was still trying to stall time. He held onto the medical kit, refusing to pass it to Jack. Jack got anxious and reached for the medical kit, but Colby dodged his hand.

Colby urged Jack earnestly, “Dr. Jarvis is in a precarious condition. You said it yourself that you could only try. With her current condition, I don’t think you have the option to fail.”

With that, he faked concern and added, “Moreover, you were right next to the flask, too. I’m sure you’ve inhaled some of the poisonous gas as well. I doubt you don’t feel any discomfort.”

Jack frowned deeply at Colby’s comment. I am indeed feeling slightly dizzy, but I don’t think that’ll affect my treatment of Roxanne.

In the meantime, Colby continued prattling on, “Even if you’re fine, you can’t guarantee you’ll be able to treat Dr. Jarvis successfully, not to mention now that you’re not feeling well. I’ve already contacted the hospital, and they’re ready for us any time.”

Jack looked at the unconscious Roxanne and turned to regard Colby with a grave expression. “What are you playing at, Dr. Galloway?”

Colby’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Jack’s question. Steeling himself, he countered, “I don’t understand what you mean, Mr.

Damaris. I’m just worried for Dr. Jarvis.”

“Then give me the medical kit!” Jack hissed. A troubled expression marred Colby’s countenance. “Mr. Damaris, I mean it. With Dr. Jarvis’ current condition, it’s best to take her to the hospital-”

“Do you think I’m not as good as those doctors in the hospital?” Jack questioned coldly. Colby fell silent at his sharp remark.

A few seconds later, he begrudgingly handed over the medical kit. “I’ll be standing here, watching you. I want to help in case anything happens.”

Jack shot him a glare. “There’s no need. Give me the medical kit, and you can leave!” Judging from how Colby acted earlier, he didn’t think Colby was genuinely concerned about Roxanne’s condition.

However, the latter turned a deaf ear to his command and remained at their side even until Jack had finished sterilizing the needles.

Jack coldly ordered, “I have to take off Ms. Jarvis’ clothes when I treat her later, so I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Shock filled Colby’s eyes. “I think Dr. Jarvis won’t appreciate being undressed by any man when she’s unconscious. I hope you can respect her.”

Jack’s eyebrows pinched together into a frown. “I’m only doing it to perform acupuncture on her! Why are you standing here? If you truly respect her, you should’ve left when I asked you to!”

The two were in a stalemate for a few seconds before Jack proceeded to unbutton Roxanne’s clothes. “Stop!” Colby could no longer keep the lid on hist anger. I didn’t plan all this to let Jack take advantage of Roxanne like this!

*F*ck off!” Jack snapped as he flung Colby’s hand away. “We can’t afford to delay treatment with Ms. Jarvis’ condition. Do you want her to sink into a coma?”

Hearing that, Colby gritted his teeth and retracted his hand. All he wanted was for Roxanne to fall sick. Roxanne falling into a coma wasn’t something he wanted to witness.

Moreover, he would be too suspicious if he continued to hinder Jack from treating Roxanne. At that thought, Colby took a step back while wearing a dark expression before glancing at the time. It had been nearly twenty minutes since he sent Lucian that message. Where is he? Why isn’t he here yet?

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