Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1165

Back at the research institute, Jack carried Roxanne into her office. Even though the hallway was spacious and he could’ve just treated Roxanne there, concerned employees would occasionally stick their noses into the situation.

Plus, he also needed a quiet environment to treat Roxanne. At the same time, Colby returned to the hallway after sending the message only to find out Jack and Roxanne were gone.

“Where’s Dr. Jarvis?” Colby grabbed one of the researchers, his expression grim. The researcher was briefly taken aback before pointing at Roxanne’s office. “I think I saw Mr. Damaris carrying her into the office.”

A dark glint flashed across Colby’s eyes when he heard that. He then nodded at the researcher. “Thanks.” Before the researcher could respond, Colby strode toward the office.

I just took my gaze off them for one second, and Jack took that window to create an opportunity for them to be alone. Luckily, I’m confident in my skill. I’m sure there’s no way Jack can easily succeed in treating Roxanne. If Jack wants to use this chance to please Roxanne, he’s basically dreaming.

With that in mind, Colby slowed down his pace. He took his time walking over to Roxanne’s office. After putting on a worried look, he knocked on the door.

Jack was in the midst of examining Roxanne’s condition when he heard knocking on the office door. Subsequently, Colby entered the room with a look of concern.

“Mr. Damaris, how’s Dr. Jarvis? I’ve already contacted the hospital. We can head over there any time.” Jack merely cast a glance at him. “Please open all the windows.”

Roxanne needed someone by her side at that moment. Hence, even though Jack knew the room needed to be ventilated, he couldn’t step away from her. Colby’s arrival was just in time.

A flicker of anger rose within Colby at the proximity between Jack and Roxanne coupled with Jack’s commanding tone.

He was about to lose his temper but soon kept himself in check, for he was confident Jack wouldn’t be able to treat Roxanne no matter how hard he tried.

When the wrath within Colby ebbed away, he cooperatively opened all the windows before approaching Jack and Roxanne. “Mr. Damaris, did you bring Dr. Jarvis back to her office because you came up with a way to treat her?”

Jack furrowed his eyebrows at the question. “Not yet. I can only try.”

Colby curled the corners of his lips into a discreet smile before asking with concern, “Oh, what’s wrong with Dr. Jarvis then? Do you know what poisoned her? Both of you worked together on the experiment for the past two days. I thought it should be safe?”

He sounded as if he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Jack had his suspicions about Colby’s involvement, but he was busy checking in on Roxanne’s condition at the moment that he didn’t have time to think.

Hearing Colby’s question, Jack merely replied concisely, “Gas poisoning. Her lungs can’t expel the poisonous gas lingering within, and now the poison had seeped into her blood. It has to be dealt with immediately.”

When he finished, he urgently demanded, “Prepare my acupuncture tools. I’m going to treat her this instant!”

Colby heeded his words and turned around, putting on an act of searching for Jack’s acupuncture tools in the office. Jack’s tone sounded as if he was confident in treating Roxanne. Colby would never let that happen, though.

His intention was to have one of them step away from their research momentarily to create distance between them. Won’t my plan backfire if Jack manages to treat Roxanne?

Colby knew he couldn’t say much under those circumstances and merely complied with Jack’s demands. The best-case scenario will be delaying the treatment until Lucian gets here and letting the two fight.

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