Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1164

Meanwhile, Lucian was having a weekly wrap- up meeting in a conference room at Farwell Group. Members of the upper management apprehensively looked at Lucian, who was sitting at the end of the table. They had been cautious for the past two days, for Lucian seemed to be in a bad mood.

The tension in the conference room was so thick one could cut it with a knife, and when it was time for progress reports, they all walked on eggshells, fearing a single mistake from them would send Lucian flying into a rage.

The directors of departments with terrible performances didn’t even dare to raise their heads during the meeting. Everyone held their breaths in dread until a knock came on the door.

The director who was presenting stopped talking and followed the lines of sight of his colleagues. Everyone in the conference room focused their attention on the door.

The door opened to reveal an awkward Cayden. standing in the doorway, holding a phone. Cayden shot an apologetic smile at the rest. before turning to look at Lucian with a troubled expression. “Mr. Farwell, your phone.”

Lucian, who was already in a bad mood, got even more furious when the meeting was disrupted. His expression turned stonier than ever, and he was seconds away from chewing Cayden out.

On second thought, however, he figured Cayden had been working for him long enough to know not to disturb a meeting unless there was something important.

Lucian suppressed his anger at that thought and gestured for Cayden to bring his phone over. Cayden discreetly let out a sigh of relief and hurried into the room. He even clicked on the text message, displaying it on the screen before handing it over to Lucian.

When Lucian reached for the phone, Cayden deliberately glanced at the screen, implying Lucian to look at it.

Noticing Cayden’s out-of-the-ordinary behavior, Lucian followed his line of sight and dropped his gaze to the phone. With a glance, Lucian caught the name “Jarvis” on the screen. His eyebrows furrowed as he perused the message carefully.

It was a message from Colby that read: Dr. Jarvis accidentally inhaled some poisonous gas during an experiment. She is currently unconscious. Cayden hesitated for a while when he saw the contents of the message.

Mr. Farwell is seemingly not on speaking terms with Ms. Jarvis lately. Moreover, he has clearly decided to go about his marriage engagement with Ms. Pearson.

Thus, Cayden was conflicted about whether he should inform Lucian about the news.

Recalling how concerned Lucian was about Roxanne’s matters, however, Cayden decided to bite the bullet in the end and brought the phone to the conference room.

At that moment, he was studying Lucian’s expression intently without blinking, afraid that his action was unnecessary and would end up making Lucian angry.

He watched as Lucian’s expression turned darker. Even the members of the upper management who sat further away could sense the atmosphere in the room growing tenser by the minute.

“Today’s meeting ends here. I want each. person-in-charge to submit a written document of the remaining part to Cayden,” Lucian ordered as he rose from his seat.

Without waiting for a response, Lucian left the room in a hurry.

Poisoned during an experiment? What is Roxanne doing? How could she not prioritize her safety after conducting so many years of experiments?

The directors in the conference room exchanged confused glances.

Lucian had always prioritized work over everything else during his years as Farwell Group’s CEO However, recently, they had seen Lucian suspend numerous meetings midway due to unknown reasons.

Though the meetings weren’t important, Lucian’s behavior was still shocking to them. Cayden silently exhaled a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it seems I didn’t do anything unnecessary. From the look on Mr. Farwell’s face, it’s apparent Ms. Jarvis is important to him. I hope this incident can improve the relationship between the two.

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