Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1163

Arriving at the corridor with better ventilation, Jack asked Roxanne about her condition concernedly, “How are you feeling?” He had been near the flask’s opening as well, but his symptoms of poisoning were not as severe because he reacted in time.

Roxanne’s head was spinning terribly. Still, she forced herself not to succumb to vertigo. Staring at the research facility’s entrance, she asked, “H-Has everyone moved out of the building?”

The gas was very poisonous and spread rapidly. She was afraid there might be other researchers who were poisoned as well.

The sight of her still worrying about others when she was in that sickly state tugged at Jack’s heartstrings. “Dr. Galloway is already. evacuating the premise. Don’t worry.”

After answering her, he grasped her wrist to check her condition. Instinctively, Roxanne wanted to avoid the physical contact, but she did not even have the strength to lift her arm.

“Something is very off with this reaction. This poisonous gas shouldn’t be present regardless of how erroneous our experiment had gone,” Jack elaborated to her while performing the examination.

Naturally, she was aware of that too. However, she did not have the energy to discuss that matter with him at that moment.

Soon, Colby, leading a group of researchers, came running out, leaving a few more experienced researchers to handle the emergency. They surrounded Roxanne while engaging in a heated discussion.

“How’s Dr. Jarvis?” “Shouldn’t this kind of dangerous experiment be performed in the designated laboratory? What happened today? How did this poisonous gas come to be?”

More questions ensued as everyone expressed their doubts. The flow of air slowed down as more people gathered there. Roxanne’s face grew paler. Even her coughing sound gradually turned diminished.

“Dr. Jarvis!” Feigning worry, Colby crouched next to Jack and Roxanne. “Mr. Damaris, how is Dr. Jarvis doing?”

Jack merely cast a dark look at him, ignoring him. The next second, Roxanne started coughing violently.

“Oh no!” Jack’s pupils constricted as he swiftly stretched out his hands. Roxanne’s whole body went limp, and she passed out, slumping right into hist outstretched arms.

When Colby saw their intimate posture, his gaze darkened. Jack should’ve been the one to be severely poisoned. He only wanted something unfortunate to befall Jack so that the latter would be separated from Roxanne.

Unexpectedly, his plan was not thorough enough, resulting in Roxanne being the one to unstopper the flask.

To avoid exposing his wrongdoing, Colby could only stand by and watch as she ran the risk and inhaled a large amount of the poisonous gas.

Of course, he was unwilling to endanger Roxanne and even wanted to reach out to stop her. However, on second thought, he would be wasting that chance and might even expose himself if he did so.

Besides, even if Roxanne were the one to be poisoned, he would still achieve half of his goal. I suppose she can only stay in the hospital for the time being and won’t be free to spend time with Jack. Colby felt exhilarated at that thought.

To conceal his emotions, he behaved hypocritically, standing up and glowering at the onlookers. “Why are all of you gathering here? Dr. Jarvis needs fresh air. Aren’t you aware of basic knowledge like this?”

Those experienced researchers hastily dispersed as if they had just recalled something important. Colby then said to Jack, “I’ll contact the hospital.” With that, he swiftly strode to one corner and took out his phone to make the call.

Thereafter, seemingly remembering something, he searched for Lucian’s number in his contact list, typed a message, and sent it to him. Throughout it all, his face was expressionless.

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