Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1160

Roxanne’s spirits finally lifted at the mention of their research. We successfully completed the first stage of our research this morning, proving that the efforts we’ve put in all this time haven’t been in vain. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be embarking on a new and even more challenging stage!

Just thinking about the results their research would bring filled her heart with anticipation. She also greatly welcomed Jack’s assistance. “I’d be honored if you could come and help us, of course. Why would I find you a nuisance?”

He let out a low chuckle. “That’s good to know. It’s late, so I shan’t disturb you any further. See you tomorrow.” Roxanne assented with a laugh.

Thanks to Jack’s phone call, she gradually felt calmer. Finally, she drifted into a peaceful sleep while thinking about the new research she would be doing the following day.

Early the following morning, she sent Archie and Benny to the kindergarten, then hurried to the research institute. She thought she was early, but to her surprise, Jack was there before her.

When she arrived, he and Colby were standing in the corridor, deep in conversation. Both of them looked very serious. Roxanne waited quietly at the side and did not interrupt.

It took a long while before they wrapped up their discussion, and only then did she pipe up apologetically, “I’m sorry I’m late.”

Jack flashed her an understanding smile. “That’s all right. I know you have to drop off the kids at kindergarten. In any case, we’re not on a time crunch here. Your children are much more important.”

Since he had taken the words right out of Colby’s mouth, the latter could only give a tight smile as he greeted Roxanne. “Good morning, Dr. Jarvis.”

Then, the trio walked alongside each other. toward the research facility while chatting. about the project’s progress.

Suddenly, Jack turned to look at Colby and said, “Oh, right. I forgot to mention I’m officially participating in this research from today. onward. I look forward to working with you, Dr. Galloway.”

Colby’s expression stiffened for a fleeting moment when he heard those words.

Just as Roxanne looked over, however, he quickly composed himself and smiled pleasantly. “I’m sure our research will go on even more smoothly with your participation.”

After uttering that reply, he lowered his gaze, hiding his emotions behind the thin lenses of his glasses.

Even before this, Jack has been coming to the research institute almost daily. He’s practically glued to Roxanne. Now that he’s so-called officially participating in the research, there’s no saying how much closer they’ll become.

A wave of jealousy washed over him as the image of Roxanne and Jack being together all day appeared in his mind.

Whether on purpose or not, Jack’s lips quirked into an unfathomable smile after he dropped the bomb. It was not long before they entered the research facility.

Roxanne formally introduced Jack to the other researchers, who welcomed him warmly, then led him to their laboratory bench.

Initially, they only carried out pre-testing in small batches. Hence, the bench prepared by her was not that large. There was just enough space for two people to work together.

Previously, Colby and Roxanne were the ones working on the pre-tests together. With the addition of Jack, however, Colby had no choice but to relinquish his spot and play second fiddle.

After pre-heating the apparatus, Roxanne prepared to add the materials. When she turned around, the materials that had been weighed out were already passed to her.

She was momentarily surprised. Then, she lifted her gaze and looked at Jack with a smile before accepting the materials and continuing with the experiment.

Perhaps because the pair had worked together to some extent during that previous period, she found they had good teamwork. If she had to compare it to collaborating with Colby, she did not find it much different.

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