Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1159

“Come downstairs for dinner!” Roxanne called out to the boys after heaving a sigh inwardly. Archie and Benny came down the stairs obediently. As soon as they saw her, they admitted their mistake by saying, “Mommy, we’re sorry.”

Before Roxanne could utter a word in response, Benny added, “However, I don’t think we did anything wrong. That evil woman scolded you. We wanted to protect you, Mommy!”

The sight of Aubree berating their mother infuriated the brothers so much that they acted impulsively, grabbing a watering can nearby and pouring the water on the wicked woman’s head.

If Aubree had dared to continue scolding Roxanne, the boys would not hesitate to empty another can of water over her, even if their mother would be angry at them.

Roxanne’s heart softened at Benny’s words. However, her expression was still tense as she replied, “I know you two care about me, but stay out of it if something like this happens again in the future. Just let me handle it. Don’t intervene.” Benny retorted, “Mommy-”

“You two might think that you are protecting me, but at the same time, you are putting yourselves in danger. What if Ms. Pearson takes revenge on you two in the future? Don’t you think I would be worried about that?” Roxanne interrupted with a frown.

Archie and Benny exchanged glances sheepishly before lowering their heads. “We’re sorry, Mommy. We were too impulsive.”

Although they had yet to find proof, they speculated that someone had paid the older children to beat them up. It isn’t hard to figure out who the instruction came from. If that evil woman could do something like that, she could also take revenge on us. We didn’t think things through…

Only after Roxanne saw that the boys had realized their mistake did she relax her tense expression. “Also, I would like to thank you for protecting me just now.”

With that, she bent over to hug them. “However, don’t act so rashly next time. Although you two want to protect me, I also want to protect you.”

Archie and Benny nodded obediently. Due to the disruption caused by Aubree, they did not manage to ask about Estella.

Nevertheless, they were dying to know the answers to the questions in their minds. After returning to their bedroom, they started discussing ways to ask Roxanne about it in the future.

Meanwhile, Roxanne lay in her bed with conflicted feelings. I merely wanted to check on Essie. Who would’ve thought that so many things would end up happening instead? Not only have I met Lucian, but I’ve also gotten into conflict with Aubree…

At that moment, Lucian’s words and scenes of Estella getting bullied were playing on a loop in her mind.

Upon realizing what was on her mind, Roxanne bolted upright and shook her head violently. Why am I still thinking about those things? I’ve already promised Aubree I would stay away from them…

While she was getting frustrated with herself, her phone that was on the table rang.

Getting a grip on herself, Roxanne glanced down at her phone and saw Jack’s name on the screen. It’s already so late at night. What does Jack want from me again?

She then picked up her phone in confusion. The second the call was connected, Jack’s voice came through the receiver. “Hi, Ms. Jarvis. Am I interrupting your sleep?”

Roxanne sounded tired when she replied, “No. I was just done getting ready for bed, but I hadn’t. laid down yet. What can I do for you, Mr. Damaris?”

Jack chuckled and said, “That’s good, then. From tomorrow onward, our research is entering the key stage. My grandpa wants me to support the research fully. Hence, I may be visiting the research institute more frequently. starting tomorrow. I hope you won’t find me a nuisance, Ms. Jarvis.”

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