Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1158

“B*stards!” Aubree wanted to dash into the house as if she had gone berserk. Since things had already gone to that extent, Roxanne saw no point in backing down. Hence, she stood firm at the entrance and blocked Aubree’s way. “Why are you so mad, Ms. Pearson? You were the one who came to our house today and made a violent outburst! Archie and Benny were just returning the favor.”

All of a sudden, Aubree stood still. “It must’ve been your doing! You must’ve taught them to do this!” she roared in between pants. With that, she lifted her hand and swung it toward Roxanne, who had been keeping her guard up.

The latter swiftly raised her hand and jabbed a finger at an acupuncture point on Aubree’s arm. Aubree instantly felt her arm going numb and weak. Before she could come to her senses, she received a tight slap across her face.

Roxanne did not hold back in that slap. The impact was so strong that Aubree felt her mind going blank. It took her a long while to snap out of it. When she finally did, she stared at Roxanne in disbelief. “You! How dare you hit me?”

“I just did what you were going to do to me,” the latter answered with an icy expression.

As soon as Roxanne finished her sentence, she shoved Aubree aside. Caught off guard, Aubree staggered two steps. backward and almost rolled down the stairs before the entrance.

“This is a matter between us adults. Why did you have to involve my kids, Ms. Pearson? That’s rather disgraceful of you, don’t you think?” Roxanne paused and added expressionlessly, “Take that slap as a warning. If you dare to lay a finger on Archie and Benny, I’ll make sure you regret your actions!”

As soon as Aubree stabilized herself, she made a lunge at Roxanne. Roxanne lifted her leg slightly and kicked an acupuncture point on Aubree’s knee. Again, Aubree ended up staggering backward in pain.

“You’re no match for me. If I want to make you suffer, I can do so easily.” Roxanne was merely stating facts. “Please don’t forget about my expertise, Ms. Pearson.”

As a traditional medicine practitioner famous for her prowess in acupuncture, she was extremely familiar with all the acupuncture points on the human body as well as knowing how much pressure to exert on which acupuncture point in order to bring about the desired effects.

Although the knowledge could save the lives of others, it could also be used as a form of self- defense. Aubree flushed with rage from having suffered twice at the hands of Roxanne, but she dared not retaliate recklessly.

“Why aren’t you leaving yet?” Roxanne snapped. Because of what she had done earlier, Aubree shuddered unconsciously at her shout. Upon realizing her reaction, Aubree blushed crimson with embarrassment. She then acted tough, yelling, “Just you wait!”

With that, she gritted her teeth and left. After getting into her car, however, she stared at the mansion from afar instead of driving off immediately.

By then, Roxanne had turned around and gone back into the mansion. Archie and Benny were still on the balcony, making faces at her in a smug manner.Their complacent behavior caused Aubree’s features to twist into a fearsome expression of fury.

Those two b*stards! They’d better pray that they won’t ever fall into my hands. Otherwise, I swear I’ll make their lives a living hell! She stayed outside the mansion for quite a while before flooring the accelerator and driving away.

In the mansion, Roxanne suppressed her anger and continued preparing dinner. Once she was done, she hollered at Archie and Benny to get them to come downstairs for dinner.

At that moment, the boys were already waiting at the landing. They had fun taking revenge on Aubree earlier, but after watching her leave, they quickly. realized that their action could very well upset Roxanne. Hence, they had been waiting at the landing. expecting their mother to lecture them.

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