Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1156

Upon returning to their mansion, Roxanne went to prepare dinner while the boys ran upstairs. “Archie, was Mommy lying to us just now?” Benny could not help but ask his older brother right after he closed the bedroom door.

Archie frowned, his countenance utterly taut. / sensed that there was something very weird about Mommy’s tone and expression as well when she answered us just now. In fact, she even avoided our gazes on purpose. It’s obvious that Mommy lied to us, but why? Could it be that Essie is having a tough time? Or could it be that Mommy didn’t go to see Essie?

The boys could not stop thinking about those two possibilities. “Should we visit Essie ourselves?” Benny anxiously put forth a suggestion when he did not get a response from his older brother after a long wait.

Archie shook his head. “Let’s ask Mommy first. There must be a reason she lied to us.” Mommy has been acting very weirdly ever since we came home today. Could it be that she bumped into Daddy when she went to see Essie?

At the thought of that possibility, he cast a glance at Benny and decided against voicing. his speculation after a few seconds of hesitation.

His younger brother was too impulsive in matters concerning Estella. Since he was worried about her as well, he was afraid that Benny would sway him should he divulge his conjecture.

In their bedroom, Archie and Benny discussed ways to get their mother to tell them the truth. In the meantime, Aubree, beside herself with fury, was driving toward Roxanne’s house.

Earlier in the afternoon, she had gone to the research institute. Not daring to raise a ruckus at that place lest she create more problems for herself, she opted to obtain Roxanne’s whereabouts by asking around. By the time she managed to confirm that the latter was absent from the research institute, hours had passed.

It was almost time for kindergarten students to finish their classes, so Aubree rushed to the kindergarten, but she got there too late. At that point, she was extremely exasperated because she had missed Roxanne twice in a row.

Aubree sped to Roxanne’s house, slammed her car door behind her, and strode to the entrance of the mansion.

After pressing the doorbell twice, she soon heard footsteps within the house, followed closely by Roxanne’s voice.  “Who is it?” Roxanne asked.

She could not fathom why she would have visitors so late at night. Aubree took a deep breath and shouted, “It’s me! Open up!”

When Roxanne heard her voice, she halted in her tracks abruptly and replied indifferently, “Tm sorry, Ms. Pearson, but I’m making dinner for my kids. I don’t think I have the time to entertain you. Please go home!”

Considering how their encounter at the kindergarten entrance that day went badly, she was certain that the other woman had come to find fault with her. That was why Roxanne was not planning on opening the door for her guest.

“To think that you still remembered that you have two children!” Standing on the other side of the door, Aubree cursed, “Don’t you dare forget the fact that you and Lucian are already divorced and that you gave birth to two b*stards! How dare you pester Lucian? Do you have no shame? With your current circumstances, do you think the Farwells will accept you into their family? Stop dreaming!”

Roxanne did not expect such maniacal behavior from Aubree. Her face darkened as she uttered, “I won’t forget that. You may leave now.” She did not want things to turn ugly since her children were upstairs.

Much to her annoyance, however, Aubree, seemingly provoked, continued hurling a tirade of abuse. In fact, her voice was getting louder.

“Are you finally scared of me now? Is that why you’re asking me to leave? Well, too late! Who do you think you are? How dare you talk badly about me before Lucian, you b*tch!” Aubree roared.

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