Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1143

Now that Pamela had taken a good look at Roxanne, she realized there were indeed some similarities between Estella and her. Despite that, she still chose to be careful and confirm with Estella. “Essie, is she your aunt?”

Estella only wrapped her arms around Roxanne’s neck with her back facing Pamela. Not a single word came from her mouth. Roxanne had no choice but to pat the girl’s head to attract her attention. “Essie, your teacher’s talking to you.”

Only when Estella heard Roxanne’s voice did she slowly turn around. Flashing Estella a smile, Pamela repeated her question.

To their horror, Estella pursed her lips and shook her head, clearly looking upset. Both Roxanne and Pamela were stunned by Estella’s response.

Roxanne knew Estella was mad because she had denied being her mother. However, she could not explain the situation to Pamela either. Pamela thought that Roxanne, the woman who claimed to have a different identity, was extremely suspicious.

She picked up her phone again with a wary look written all over her face. Seeing that, Roxanne quickly said, “I can explain this. Please believe me. If I’m a bad person, why would Essie be staying in my arms so obediently?”

Again, doubts filled Pamela’s mind when she heard that. True. Essie’s really quiet in this woman’s arms.

Estella had been rejecting the teachers’ touch. The same applied to Aubree too. Estella would do everything she could to avoid her. Pamela could not help but wonder what kind of relationship Roxanne had with Essie that made the latter behave so obediently.

Pamela’s confusion was clearly written on her face.

“Miss, even if I believe you’re not a bad person, the fact that you made the children in this class cry remains. This isn’t a small matter. You need to at least give me an explanation. That way, I can answer their parents when they ask me about it.”

Roxanne glanced through the window and saw the children she frightened earlier crying while the teaching assistant was busy trying to calm everyone down.

She turned around and smiled at Pamela apologetically. “I’m really Essie’s aunt. I can give her father a call if you don’t believe me.”

Roxanne never wanted to get Lucian involved in the first place, but all the children there were from rich families. If their parents decided to take out their anger on her, only the Farwell family would have the power to make them give in.

Moreover, Roxanne had only made them cry only because she was protecting Estella. What Roxanne did not expect was that Pamela actually wanted her to make that call.

“As a teacher, I have to be responsible for the children. So…” Pamela’s intention was clear enough. That made Roxanne choke a little. She stared at Pamela for some time before taking out her phone reluctantly.

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine having to make the call now without having any time to prepare herself. After all, she had given up on the notion after much hesitation last night.

Most importantly, she was secretly there to check on Estella. Roxanne gripped her phone, her heart pounding with nervousness. Pamela grew more suspicious the longer she waited.

Given no choice, Roxanne could only pluck up her courage and dial Lucian’s number.

To her surprise, the call was declined after the second ring. Roxanne glanced at Pamela when the automated message sounded.

“Please put Essie down. I’ll get the security guards to handle this.”

Pamela’s barely existent trust for Roxanne had shattered.

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