Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1135

Archie and Benny didn’t see Estella for another day and didn’t hear from her. Even though the three of them had previously agreed to get Lucian and Roxanne to reconcile, they had no visibility on Lucian’s situation without any feedback from Estella

It was evident that Roxanne had no desire to patch things up with Lucian. The boys couldn’t help but worry about the current state of affairs. After dinner, both of them returned to their room earlier than usual.

“Archie, why don’t we go and see Daddy?” Benny suggested. “If he knows that we’re his sons, I’m sure he will come and see Mommy.”

Even though Archie was anxious for his parents to reconcile, he rejected his brother’s suggestion without any hesitation, “Mommy must have her reasons for hiding the truth from Daddy. If we were to reveal it to him, we would definitely hurt Mommy’s feelings.”

Benny cupped his glum-looking face with his hands. “What should we do, then? We also have no idea what’s going on at Essie’s side.”

Just as they were discussing, a sudden knock was heard at the door. It was then followed by Roxanne’s voice “Archie, Benny, are you asleep? Can I come in?”

The boys held their tongues instantly as they got up to open the door.

Upon entering the room, Roxanne gave both of them a look of concern. “What’s going on with the two of you? Are you mad because of what happened yesterday?”

Usually, they would have stayed back and accompanied her at the table after dinner. If they went up straight, it was clear that something was bothering them. The boys exchanged glances.

Both of them had been discussing how to get Lucian and Roxanne to reconcile, a topic that they could never share with their mother. For a moment, neither of them said a word.

Assuming she had guessed right, Roxanne felt utterly helpless. “Do you dislike Mr. Damaris because you think something is going on between the two of us?”

After all, even the staff at the research institute had such a misconception. It wouldn’t be a surprise for the boys to think the same way.

While Archie pursed his lips in silence, Benny nodded without a second thought. “I don’t like it when you see Mr. Damaris every day, accept his flowers, and invite him to dinner!”

Upon hearing Benny’s innocent comment, Roxanne couldn’t help but feel bad for Jack.

He was only concerned about the project, yet he had become the subject of everyone’s misunderstanding on her account. In fact, her attitude toward him had even sparked intense hostility from the children.

“There’s nothing going on between Mr. Damaris and me. I simply did all that out of courtesy,”

she explained patiently. With a frown on his face, Benny questioned further, “In that case, why are you rude to Mr. Farwell?”

Roxanne was at a loss for words. It’s true that I treat Jack differently from Lucian, but that’s because…

“You treat Mr. Damaris cordially, and yet you don’t like him. Does that mean you’re rude to Mr. Farwell because you like him?” Benny asked innocently.

Roxanne was stunned yet again. Their question was exactly the same as Estella’s from that fateful night. Through the eyes of the children, the world was as simple as black and white.

Just like that particular night, Roxanne was stumped for an explanation. All she could do was deny it adamantly. “I don’t like him too.”

“But I like Mr. Farwell!” Benny lowered his head. in disappointment. “And I like Essie too…”

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