Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1128

Estella looked at her father, who was already at the door and turned to look at Aubree, who was still standing by the couch. A few moments passed, and the little girl finally begrudgingly got out of her chair and jogged to keep up with Lucian.

Aubree let out a relieved sigh and caught up to them as well. “Daddy,” Estella mumbled. She gave her father a puppy-eyed look and tugged at the corner of his shirt in a bid to curry favor with her father.

Lucian lowered his gaze to meet Estella’s. He lifted his hand and patted her head. “I’m really busy lately. Please don’t throw a tantrum at me.”

Estella pursed her lips in disapproval, refusing to believe what he said. She knew as a matter of fact that Lucian was in a bad mood because he had quarreled with Roxanne.

Estella was flabbergasted that Lucian was still trying to lie to her, despite the fact that even she knew the real reason her father was upset.

Why are adults so weird? Why doesn’t Daddy just make up with Ms. Jarvis?

Of course, Lucian had no idea what was on Estella’s mind. He averted his gaze after he was done talking and turned to look at Aubree, who was standing right behind Estella.

As Aubree’s attention had always been on him, she flashed him a smile the moment his gaze landed on her. “What’s the matter?”

Lucian furrowed his brows and asked in a low voice, “Have you asked your parents? What did they say?”

Aubree was overjoyed to hear him. However, she gave nothing away and replied, “I talked to them when I got back home yesterday. They said that since you’re busy, we could arrange to have a meal together at your convenience.”/

She sounded like a considerable and genteel woman. Aubree carefully gauged Lucian’s reaction after she was done talking.

If he was serious about setting a date for their wedding, he wouldn’t have a reason to delay having a meal together with her parents. Moreover, Lucian was the one who brought up the topic today.

Thinking that Lucian was contemplating on setting a date right away, Aubree was brimming

with hope.

However, moments passed by, and she couldn’t seem to get a response from him.

Aubree’s heart sank, but she had to put up an understanding front and said, “I know you’ve been busy lately. There’s no need to rush to have a meal together. We can always do it after you’re done dealing with your matters.”

Lucian finally responded and nodded impassively. Aubree gritted her teeth.

It was clear as day that Lucian was still on the fence about their marriage. The deafening silence was Lucian trying to tell Aubree to let him off the hook.

“It’s getting late. You should send Estella to school,” he uttered in a swift attempt to change the topic of conversation.

Aubree didn’t feel right to press on and forced a smile. “All right. I’ll go pick her up later so that you don’t need to make another trip.”

A hint of hesitation fleeted across Lucian’s eyes.

However, when he thought about how he’d just got himself out of having a meal with her parents, Lucian felt bad for rejecting her goodwill yet again..

Hence, he agreed and said, “Essie will be in your care then.” Aubree’s lips pursed into a thin smile. She wanted to leave after bidding goodbye to Lucian.

However, the little girl refused to let go of Lucian’s shirt. “Essie, we’re going to be late if we don’t leave now,” Aubree egged her on with a strained smile.

The little girl pouted and cast a glance at Lucian stubbornly. Lucian suddenly recalled something and held. Estella’s hand. “Let’s go. I’m sending you.”

The little girl finally relented and followed her father out of the mansion. Aubree heaved a sigh of relief and jogged to: keep up with them..

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