Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1113

In the kindergarten, Archie and Benny sat in their seats quietly while the other children were playing games with Pippa. They could sense something was off when Roxanne said she would send them to school that morning.

It wasn’t until Roxanne handed them over to Pippa that they noticed Roxanne glancing at the crowd from time to time as if she was looking for someone.

When Pippa led them into the school, they looked back and saw Roxanne still looking around. Although Archie and Benny said nothing, they knew Roxanne was looking for Lucian and Estella.

Mommy must feel terrible after the fight with Daddy that day. At the thought of Roxanne’s sadness and disappointment, Archie and Benny’s moods. were gloomy, too. “Archie, Benny, what’s wrong?”

Seeing the listless look on the boys’ faces, Pippa walked over to comfort them, “Are you missing Estella?”

At the mention of Estella, Archie and Benny’s faces immediately fell. I wonder how Essie is doing…

“Don’t worry. Mr. Farwell will take good care of her.” Naturally, Pippa didn’t have the guts to call and ask Lucian. Thus, she could only reassure the two little ones as best as she could.

Knowing Pippa was comforting them, Archie and Benny flashed her a smile. “Don’t worry about us, Ms. Ward. We’re fine. Just leave us alone for a while.”

Pippa didn’t know what else she could do besides comforting them by caressing their heads. Then, she got up and returned to the other children.

The sight of the children playing happily only served to worsen Benny’s already foul mood. “Archie, what do you think Essie is doing now? Daddy should have sent her to school, right?”

Archie, pressing his lips together, had the same concern as Benny He still remembered how Estella was bullied by her classmates when they had just joined the kindergarten.

Back then, she was still having trouble getting along with the other children despite the fact. that she had been studying in the kindergarten for some time, After she had finally adapted to the environment, however, Lucian transferred her to another kindergarten.

Archie was worried that the kids in the new school would bully Estella. What should we do if Essie is bullied again? We’re no longer by her side now…

Benny knitted his brows and suggested with a straight face, “Why don’t we go look for Essie secretly? We have to at least find out how she’s doing at her new school.”

Archie was worried about Estella, too. However, upon contemplation, he put on a solemn expression and shook his head. “No. We can’t do that again.”

“Why? Aren’t you worried about Essie?” Benny was confused. Archie regarded his brother seriously and asked, “Have you forgotten what Grandma said about us last time?”

Sonya had pointed at Archie and Benny and scolded them for taking Estella away the other day. Her tone was harsh; her words insulting. Most importantly, Roxanne was dragged into the mess because of what they had done.

At the thought of what had happened that day. Benny was dispirited. He sprawled on the table languidly. “Then what should we do? What if someone bullies Essie?”

Archie patted Benny on his shoulder and reassured him, “Essie has promised us that she will try her best to make Daddy reconcile with Mommy, so her emotions should be stable for now. If someone bullies her, I believe she will tell Daddy about it.”

After finishing his sentence, the little boy narrowed his eyes and said viciously, “Worse comes to worst, we will seek revenge for her in the future.”

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