Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085 Devoid of Peace

Upon emerging from Estella’s room, Lucian went straight to his study. He had initially planned to do some work but felt restless as Sonya’s words continued to linger in his mind.

It’s true that Essie does need a mom. If Aubree can really change her attitude toward Essie so that Essie accepts her, I don’t mind marrying her.

After going through his troubled thoughts, Lucian gave Aubree a call. Aubree had just gotten off the phone with Sonya and was waiting excitedly for Lucian’s call.

Little did she expect him to ring her in less than ten minutes. She tried her best to regain her composure before answering her phone. “Lucian, I’m surprised that you called.”

She suppressed the delight in her voice so that she sounded a lot calmer. Lucian didn’t suspect anything at all. “Are you free?”

Sensing something was up, Aubree felt her throat tighten. “Yes… What’s up?” “If you have time, come over to the manor for a chat.” Lucian spoke in a monotonous tone.

His invitation caused Aubree to clench her phone as she agreed without hesitation, “Sure, I’ll go over right away!” Lucian hummed in acknowledgment before ending the call.

Thereafter, he massaged his forehead and stood before the full-length window. Aubree’s response had given him much food for thought.

It seems she still has feelings for me. However, it’s still too early to say if Essie will accept her.

After quickly getting herself ready, Aubree anxiously got the driver to send her to the Farwell residence.

The car gradually came to a halt at the entrance in less than half an hour. Alighting nervously, she then gave herself a look in the mirror before stepping out and ringing the doorbell.

Inside the mansion, Catalina reported Aubree’s arrival to Lucian after seeing who it was through the intercom. “Mr. Farwell, Ms. Pearson is here. Shall I let her in?”

Lucian turned to look at her. “I told her to come.” Catalina’s heart sank. She snuck a glance at Lucian before averting her gaze quickly. “A-All right… I’ll go get the door.”

Aubree waited for a long while at the manor entrance before the main gate was finally opened.

With a discreet knit of her brows, Aubree easily guessed who it was who took such a long time to open the gate.

“Ms. Pearson,” Catalina greeted as Aubree strode in.

Aubree glared at her and replied in a hostile tone, “Catalina, don’t forget that I’m a guest of Lucian!”

Her words also served as a warning.

Catalina hung her head low and informed Aubree in a cordial tone, “Mr. Farwell is waiting for you upstairs.”

Aubree brushed Catalina’s shoulder forcefully as she walked past her.

Catalina turned sideways in silence, her heart heavy.

Guessing what Lucian’s decision was, she could foresee that the home would soon be devoid of peace.

As Aubree ascended the steps, she continued to give Catalina a look of displeasure.

The day I become Mrs. Farwell, she’ll be the first person I fire! She has only been working here for two years, yet she thinks highly of herself!

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