Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1083

Chapter 1083 Spend More Time Together

Sonya scrutinized him for a while, for she knew how enamored her son was with Roxanne. In fact, both of them had argued frequently over the latter.

Now that Lucian was speaking so coldly about Roxanne, Sonya couldn’t help but suspect that this was all just an act.

It wasn’t until it dawned on her he was telling the truth that a smile descended upon her face. “It’s still not too late to change your mind now.” Lucian simply threw her a glance without comment.

“Now that you have come to your senses, you might as well continue the engagement with Aubree since it has yet to be canceled. Just remember not to let her down again,” Sonya said patiently. “I don’t deny that she has made many mistakes in the past, but now that she’s sorry and has turned over a new leaf, you shouldn’t hold a grudge against her. She’s not someone bad at heart.”

Lucian frowned at Sonya’s attempt to help Aubree. “I promised Essie to only marry the person she likes.”

Surprisingly, Sonya was unfazed by the comment. “That’s easy. Just let Essie spend more time with Aubree. Aubree is fond of her. It’s just that you never allowed them the opportunity to interact with each other.”

Lucian still felt hesitant, for he hadn’t forgotten how Aubree had struck Estella the last time.

“I know that you’re still concerned about what Aubree did, but she did it for Essie’s own good. She regretted what she did after that and wanted to make it up to Essie, but she didn’t get the chance to do so. No matter what, Aubree has waited years for you, and her feelings for you are true. She will definitely not mistreat Essie out of respect for you.”

The words left Lucian no room to refute them. It was true that his engagement with Aubree had gone on for six years.

Regardless of how he tried to delay it, she had never once mentioned annulling the engagement.

As for her feelings, Lucian was well aware of them. He just wasn’t bothered about anyone else when he only had eyes for Roxanne.

Now that they no longer had a future together, he figured that it would be worth giving Aubree a shot.

With that thought in mind, Lucian nodded at his mother. “I know. I’ll give it some serious consideration.”

Sonya was about to continue convincing him when she was caught by surprise by how readily he acceded to her wishes.

It even took her a few seconds to regain her senses. “I’m glad you have seen the light.”

“But whether the engagement will turn into a wedding will still depend on Essie.”

Given that he had let her down once, there was no way he was going to marry a woman she disapproved of.

Sonya, despite his words, was just glad that Lucian no longer reacted stubbornly when it came to Roxanne.

She was also confident in Aubree.

“Fine. I believe Aubree will grow on Essie once both of them spend more time together.”

Lucian remained silent, while Sonya was already brimming with elation.

Her initial intention of coming over was to see whether Lucian had brought Estella back.

Little did she expect such a delightful turn of events.

“All right, I’m going off now. You should go talk to Essie.” Before Sonya left in satisfaction, she reminded him, “Now that you’ve made up your mind, remember to spend some time with Aubree and allow her to interact with Essie. Don’t repeat your past mistake of hurting her.”

Lucian nodded flatly in acknowledgment.

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