Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1082

Chapter 1082 I Will Not See Her Ever Again

Upon hearing her father’s words, Estella pursed her lips tightly as she desperately held back her tears.

I can’t cry! If Daddy and Ms. Jarvis have fallen out with each other, I will definitely not be able to see her anymore. It’s up to me alone to help them reconcile.

In that instant, Estella remembered the boys’ advice to her—strive to grow stronger. Throughout the journey home, Estella did not shed a single tear.

When Lucian carried her out of the car upon their arrival, he was surprised by the look on her face. Despite looking as if she would burst into tears any second, she was tenaciously holding them back.

Lucian wondered what had caused such a big change in her. When he tried to hold her hand, expecting her to refuse, Estella obediently let him hold it.

Filled with complicated emotions, Lucian led Estella back into the mansion. The moment they entered, they saw Sonya, whose face was contorted, seated on the couch.

“If you had come back any later, I would’ve gone to pick Essie up myself!”

Sonya glared at her son before shifting her gaze toward Estella. “Essie, come here and give Grandma a hug.”

Even though Estella had changed a lot, the fear she had for Sonya didn’t diminish one bit.

Sonya’s words caused her to hide meekly behind Lucian.

Lucian called out to Catalina, “Take Essie upstairs.”

Catalina let out a quiet sigh of relief before leaning over to hold Estella’s hand.

Sympathizing with the pitiful look on Estella’s face, Catalina urged her in a gentle tone, “Let’s go, Ms. Estella.”

Estella grabbed Catalina’s hand without any hesitation and leaned against the latter for support as they headed upstairs together.

The sight of the two leaving silhouettes only served to intensify the scowl on Sonya’s face.

“For goodness’ sake, I’m Essie’s grandma. Why has it come to this? It’s one thing for her to be close to Roxanne; and now, she’s even closer to the help than me! Look at how Roxanne has brainwashed her!”

The expressionless Lucian sat down in the armchair beside her before pouring each of them a glass of water, while Sonya watched him with a sullen look on her face.

“Essie was raised by Catalina, so it’s normal for Essie to feel attached to her.” Lucian spoke in a grim voice after having a drink.

Sonya sneered, “What about Roxanne? Has she ever spent a second raising her?”

Lucian calmly locked gazes with his mother. “There’s no need to mention her anymore. Essie will not see her ever again.”

Sonya knitted her brows in disbelief. “What did you just say?”

Despite my repeated persuasion, I have failed to get them to stay away from Roxanne, so what’s going on now? Why is he saying that they won’t be seeing each other ever again out of nowhere?

Retracting his gaze, Lucian repeated in an indifferent tone, “I have made it clear to her that we have nothing to do with each other going forward. There will be no reason to see each other anymore.”

Only after Sonya heard her son’s firm answer did she breathe a sigh of relief.

“I told you from the very beginning to keep your distance from her. If only you had listened to me early on, Essie wouldn’t have turned out this way!”

Lucian’s brows furrowed. “Stop bringing her up already and don’t link her to Essie anymore!”

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