Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Certain Matters Cannot Be Forced

Meanwhile, on the way back to the Farwell residence, Lucian would glance in the rear-view mirror intermittently. He saw Estella sitting obediently in the back and would sniffle once in a while. However, she did not look as if she would cry again.

She was reacting very differently from when she previously left Roxanne. Lucian couldn’t help but be unsettled by her behavior, thinking that she had suffered some kind of shock.

A short while later, he said in a grim voice, “Go ahead and cry if you feel like it.” Estella pouted as she lowered her gaze and fiddled with her fingers.

Hearing no response, Lucian was about to turn around when suddenly her voice rang out. “Daddy, did Ms. Jarvis really want to hit you just now?”

Estella tilted her head as she looked to Lucian for answers. After all, she had been dwelling on the topic for the entire journey.

Although Ms. Jarvis was angry at Daddy at times, she has never hit him before. It must have been a misunderstanding!

Lucian recalled the kiss on the balcony. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t help but regret his impulsiveness.

However, he still couldn’t shake the anger he felt over how she saw Jack.

While he was lost in his thoughts, Estella continued, “Why did she try to scare you this way?”

From her perspective, Roxanne was just trying to frighten Lucian even though there was no chance of success given how tall and well-built her father was.

Lucian cocked a brow at her words, and a headache set in.

From the rearview mirror, he could see the earnest look in her eyes.

Upon deliberation, he answered grimly, “It’s true that there’s been a misunderstanding, but it isn’t what you think.”

Estella’s curiosity intensified. “Then what is it?”

Of course, Lucian would not tell her about the kiss. “It’s a private matter between Ms. Jarvis and me.”

Hearing that, Estella accepted the fact that Lucian would never tell her.

After a brief silence, she asked again. “In that case, Daddy, please don’t be mad at Ms. Jarvis anymore, all right?”

Furrowing his brows, Lucian pondered upon the matter. In the end, he decided to use the opportunity to break the news to Estella that he and Roxanne would never be together.

It was imperative to do so because Estella had yet to give up.

The longer he allowed her to have expectations, the greater her disappointment would be in the future.

Lucian threw Estella a glance through the rearview mirror. “I’m not mad at her.”

Estella’s eyes lit up.

Then she heard her father continue, “After all, we’ll probably not see each other again.”

Estella was momentarily stunned. Her eyes gradually darkened. “Why?”

Worried that the news would come as a shock, Lucian said in a softer tone, “Ms. Jarvis has her own family to attend to, and the boys have their own father. It wouldn’t be appropriate for us to keep bothering them.”

Besides, I will have my own family in the future too.


Estella gave Lucian a defiant look.

Didn’t Daddy say that he would pursue Mrs. Farwell previously?

“I didn’t give the matter proper thought before. Now that I have, I realized that there are certain matters that can’t be forced.”

Lucian preempted what she was about to say.

Once he finished, he looked into the rearview mirror to observe her response.

All he saw was a sad frown on her face.

The fact that she didn’t cry at all came as a surprise to him.

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