Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040 Almost Crying

Not long after, Archie and Benny slowly ambled down the stairs. They did not want Roxanne to see their injured arms, so they deliberately changed into their pajamas with long sleeves.

Roxanne was waiting for them by the dining table. As Archie and Benny walked up to her, she suddenly felt something was amiss.

She stared at Benny for a long time. Then, she frowned and asked, “Benny, what happened to your hand?” A scrape on Benny’s hand appeared rather unsightly.

Hearing his mom’s question, Benny stiffened up. He followed Roxanne’s gaze and noticed the scrape on his palm. Upon seeing that wound, Benny immediately looked at Archie for help.

Archie knitted his brows tightly. He figured Benny must have injured his palm when the older kids pushed them earlier. Still, he did not expect the scrape on Benny’s palm would be so eye-catching.

Roxanne quickly sensed that her kids were hiding something from her. “Ms. Lane told me you were asleep the whole day. Did you boys sneak out?” She knew her sons better than anyone else.

Aside from sneaking out, Roxanne could not think of any other explanation that could make her sons seem like they had stayed in their room and slept for the whole day.

Lysa stared at Archie and Benny in shock. “No way. Why did I not realize that they snuck out?”

She had been busy doing chores on the first floor the whole day, so she would definitely have noticed if Archie and Benny had snuck out of the mansion.

Hearing that, Archie and Benny lowered their heads in guilt, not daring to say anything.

Taking in their reactions, Roxanne knew she must have guessed it right.

“Come here.”

With her expression darkened, she reached out a hand toward Archie and Benny.

They exchanged a look but still obediently walked over to her.

Roxanne rolled up their sleeves and saw the scratches on their arms.

Those scratches were much more severe than the scrape on Benny’s palm.

She couldn’t believe Archie and Benny would keep quiet when they were so badly injured.

Looking at their scrapes and apologetic faces, Roxanne could not stop her eyes from turning red.

“What happened to you boys? Why are you so badly injured?”

As she spoke, Roxanne rolled up their pants to check if they were injured elsewhere.

Sure enough, there were scrapes on Archie and Benny’s legs too, but those wounds were much lighter than the scrapes on their arms.

Archie did not want to worry his mom, so he said, “We accidentally fell.”

Benny nodded in agreement.

Hearing that, Roxanne changed her expression a little. “Where did you fall?”

They pondered for a long moment before saying guiltily, “We… We were climbing the wall at Essie’s place, and we accidentally fell from there.”

Roxanne helped them dress their wounds. When she heard their explanation, she paused. “I’m a doctor, and I know very well how you could have gotten these injuries. You can’t get such injuries from falling from a high place.”

Archie and Benny exchanged a guilty look after Roxanne exposed their lies so quickly. Still, they dared not tell her that some older kids almost beat them up.

They knew they had angered her enough for sneaking out to find Estella.

If she found out some older kids almost beat them up, she would only be more worried about them.

“Do you think I will not worry about you just because you refuse to tell me the truth?” Roxanne frowned and stared at them.

She had been protecting her sons since they were younger and had never let them suffer even the smallest of injuries, let alone severe ones like these.

Yet, her kids were injured this time without her knowing.

Subconsciously, Archie and Benny raised their gazes at Roxanne.

They noticed Roxanne’s eyes had turned terrifyingly red, as though she was on the verge of breaking down in tears.

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