Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1039

Chapter 1039 They Were Paid

A furious roar rang out next to his ear the next second, “D*mn it! This runt! How dare you fight back!” The hooligan covered his eyes in pain after taking Archie’s retaliation. He was enraged.

Hearing his angry roar, the rest immediately grew wary. Despite the hooligans being wary of their little tricks, Archie and Benny still dared to resist them.

The pebbles on the floor shot at the hooligans continuously. They were afraid of being hit in their eyes too, so they instinctively dodged the rocks aimed at them.

With that, there was an opening for the brothers. Archie reacted quickly and got up, stuffing some rocks into Benny’s hand before they slipped out through the opening between the hooligans.

Behind the brothers, the hooligans snapped back to their senses before sprinting after them. Archie ran ahead while also turning back to launch the rocks at the group of hooligans to slow them down.

Archie and Benny used all their might to continue running toward the crowded place ahead of them.

They finally arrived at a crowded plaza. The hooligans dared not chase after them in public, so they could only stand some distance away and watch as Archie and Benny slipped further into the crowd.

“Archie…” Benny could not catch his breath after running for so long. “Who are those people? Why did they do that to us?”

Archie frowned at that question as he recalled what the hooligans had said earlier. They were paid, but he could not think of anyone who would have paid them.

After pondering for a moment, Archie still could not find the answer. He shook his head at Benny and said, “We should hurry up and go back now since they might be waiting to intercept us somewhere else!”

Benny recalled the terrifying scene from earlier and nodded fervently with a lingering fear inside his heart.

Just like that, Archie and Benny walked hand in hand away from the crowd and left the plaza from another exit.

They halted a cab and headed back to the mansion. The sky had already turned dark when they arrived home.

Archie and Benny tiptoed inside the mansion.

Lysa was preparing dinner in the kitchen, and she murmured to herself, “They’ve been sleeping for the whole day. I wonder if they’re hungry. Maybe I should make more food for them than usual.”

Hearing that, Archie and Benny giggled and quickly ran up the stairs.

Before they could go take a shower, they heard someone opening the main door downstairs.

Then, Roxanne’s voice was heard immediately after. She asked Lysa about the kids.

Archie and Benny exchanged a glance and quickly hid under their blankets, covering themselves tightly and only showing their heads.

They injured their arms when they fell earlier, so they could not let Roxanne see that.

As soon as they lay in their beds, they heard someone walking up the stairs.

Not long after, someone pushed open the door to their bedroom from the outside.

Roxanne learned from Lysa that her sons had been sleeping for the whole day. She did not want to wake them up, so she quietly slipped inside their room to look at them.


Archie and Benny pretended to have just awakened as they rubbed their eyes in a daze.

Roxanne smiled at them. “How are you feeling? Do your heads still ache?”

They quickly shook their heads. “Not anymore!”

Hearing that, Roxanne was relieved and said, “I heard from Ms. Lane that you had been sleeping for the whole day and didn’t eat anything. You must be hungry, right? Come on. Let’s get you both downstairs for dinner.”

She wanted to get them out of their beds as she spoke.

Archie and Benny got reminded of the scrapes on their arms, so they refused to get out of their beds in front of Roxanne. “Mommy, we will head downstairs later!”

Roxanne frowned, but she did not think much about that. She only urged them by saying, “Hurry up then.”

The kids nodded obediently in response.

Roxanne did not say anything else and headed downstairs.

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