Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1034

Chapter 1034 Quit Fighting

Naturally, Archie and Benny also knew Estella wouldn’t be thrilled to attend a new school. Nevertheless, they decided not to push that matter further when they saw Roxanne’s reddened eyes.

“We got it, Mommy.” Roxanne forced a smile at her kids. “Let’s finish our meals and get rested earlier.” The boys nodded obediently. Subsequently, the trio had their dinner absentmindedly.

They returned to their rooms after taking a few bites of their food. Roxanne lay on her bed, looking at the conch shell Estella gave her, with complicated emotions churning within her.

She had just been listening to Archie and Benny giving her an account of their fun time hanging out with Estella the day before. Unexpectedly, Lucian had transferred Estella to another school that day.

She could easily imagine how hard Estella would’ve cried when the latter was informed of that matter. Nonetheless, she was no longer in a position fit to comfort the little girl.

Roxanne didn’t even have the courage to ask how Estella was doing.

At the thought of Estella’s tear-stricken face, Roxanne felt heart-wrenching pain in her chest.

Meanwhile, inside Archie and Benny’s bedroom, the two boys huddled together on the same bed.

“Don’t cry. Don’t soil my bed with your snot.”

Archie regarded his little brother, who was sniffling continuously, with a tense expression.

Tears brimmed in Benny’s eyes. Under Archie’s watchful gaze, he tried his best to suppress his urge to cry.

“Essie must be crying her eyes out,” Benny uttered in an undertone.

Archie knitted his brows and nodded. “That’s why we must hurry up and go comfort her.”

Hearing that, Benny gradually calmed himself. “But Mommy forbids us from meeting with Essie.”

“In that case, we’ll go there secretly.” Archie had already come up with a plan.

Benny’s eyes lit up instantaneously.

They sat up on the bed and discussed their escape plan in hushed tones.

“Mommy is busy with work these days, so she won’t pay attention to us when we’re at school. We’ll apply for a leave of absence from Ms. Ward to meet with Essie.”

Despite his youthful voice, Archie wore a mature expression, looking like a little adult.

Benny nodded firmly. Then, he seemed to have thought of something. “But what if Mommy finds out…”

Archie glanced at Benny with his brows furrowed. “Mommy won’t find out. We’ll put our watches at home. Mommy will then think we are home because we feel under the weather. We’ll already be back home when she returns at night.”

Archie’s plan sounded flawless.

This time, Benny bobbed his head in agreement instead of asking more questions. “It’ll be even better if we can run into Daddy.”

Even if they managed to cheer Estella up, Archie and Benny would still be powerless to change anything if Lucian was adamant about moving her to a different school.

The best outcome would be for us to meet with Daddy and ask him not to transfer Essie to another school.

Benny pondered naively.

Naturally, Archie was well aware of the thoughts going through Benny’s mind because he shared that sentiment.

“I really hope Daddy and Mommy will reconcile.”

Benny turned sorrowful again.

Archie hugged his little brother and comforted him confidently, “They will. If we encounter Daddy tomorrow, we’ll convince him not to transfer Essie to a new school and to quit fighting with Mommy.”

Benny nodded vigorously. “Okay!”

The two boys conversed under their breath while looking forward to meeting with Lucian the next day.

Soon, they drifted off to sleep on the same small bed.

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