Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1030

Chapter 1030 It Pained Her

Meanwhile, Archie and Benny were standing next to Pippa at the kindergarten. “Where did Essie go, Ms. Ward?” Pippa had no idea where Estella went, but she tried to reassure the boys. “Essie took the day off. But I’m not too sure about the reason.”

“Will we be able to see her tomorrow?” Archie asked. Pippa was hesitant to answer that question at first. Seeing how anxious the two of them were, however, she flashed them a smile. “Yes, you will.”

Only then did Archie and Benny breathe sighs of relief. When classes were almost over, Pippa received a call from the head of kindergarten.

He summoned her to his office and handed her a document and a pen. “All that’s left to do is for you to sign this.” Pippa took the pen and quickly read through the document.

“Essie is transferring to another kindergarten? But why? Is there something we’re not doing well enough?” she asked in confusion when she realized what it was.

“Mr. Farwell said it was a personal reason. He also said he would continue funding this kindergarten, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Just go ahead and sign the document,” the head of kindergarten replied with a smile. For some reason, Pippa couldn’t bring herself to sign the document.

I was the one who sent Essie out the gate today. Had I known she would be transferring to another kindergarten, I would’ve at least had a word with Mr. Farwell! Essie is in no condition to transfer right now! Besides, I just promised Archie and Benny that they’d be able to see her tomorrow. If I sign this now, how will I answer the boys tomorrow?

“Well? Hurry up and sign the document. I want to keep Essie here too because it’ll maximize the amount of funding we receive from Mr. Farwell. However, this is his decision, so there’s nothing much we can do about it,” said the head of kindergarten.

After taking a moment to recompose herself, Pippa signed her name on the document.

The next morning, Archie and Benny ran up to Pippa immediately after Lysa dropped them off at the gate.

“Good morning, Ms. Ward! Is Essie here?” they asked in unison.

With a conflicted look on her face, Pippa shook her head.

Thinking Estella was just running late, Archie and Benny stood next to Pippa and said, “Then we’ll wait for her here!”

Pippa opened her mouth, but the words were somehow stuck in her throat.

When it was time for class, Archie and Benny still saw no sign of Estella.

Realizing that it was impossible to keep it a secret anymore, Pippa said, “Stop waiting. Essie won’t be coming anymore.”

Archie and Benny went wide-eyed with shock. “Huh? Why?”

She was just fine yesterday! Why would she stop coming all of a sudden?

Pippa looked away to avoid their gazes as she replied helplessly, “I only found out about this after class yesterday. Essie is transferring to another kindergarten.”

Sure enough, Archie and Benny were shocked to the core.

Essie is going to transfer to another kindergarten? Why don’t we know about this? Essie would’ve told us!

“It was probably a last-minute decision. I’m not too sure about the exact reason behind her transfer,” Pippa said.

That was when Archie and Benny knew Estella was really getting a transfer, and they were absolutely devastated.

Pippa knew how close the three of them were, so it pained her to see them upset like this.

However, all she could do was try her best to comfort them. “You three may not be in the same kindergarten anymore, but you can still play with each other when you’re at home.”

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