Leaving The Country After Divorce Chapter 1029

Chapter 1029 Transfer Essie To Another Kindergarten

Estella kept crying throughout the entire drive back to the Farwell residence. “I don’t want to transfer to another kindergarten, Daddy…” she choked out while tugging at the hem of Lucian’s shirt.

Catalina was shocked when she saw them coming in. “What happened, Mr. Farwell?” Lucian simply maintained his icy-cold expression and said nothing.

Hoping that Catalina would help her out, Estella turned toward her and said, “I don’t want to transfer to another kindergarten, Ms. Catalina…”

Transfer to another kindergarten? Catalina was confused.

If I recall correctly, the kindergarten that Ms. Estella attends is invested by the Farwell family. Why would she need a transfer? Besides, given Ms. Estella’s condition, a transfer isn’t exactly suitable for her!

Feeling worried about Estella, Catalina glanced at Lucian cautiously and asked, “What happened, Mr. Farwell? Why are you transferring Ms. Estella to another kindergarten all of a sudden? It wasn’t easy for her to get used to the environment at the kindergarten, so a sudden transfer might not be a good idea…”

Lucian frowned as he glanced at Estella, who was still crying uncontrollably in his arms. Her eyes and nose were red, and tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

Lucian was starting to feel sorry for Estella when he saw how sad she was, but he quickly recalled how dependent she was on Roxanne.

If Roxanne has truly given up on me, then she will never become Estella’s mother. Instead of having Estella wait in anticipation and get disappointed, I’d rather have her cut ties with Roxanne sooner!

Having decided, Lucian made up an excuse and said, “Farwell Group has recently invested in a much better kindergarten. The students are all from prestigious families in Horington, so it would do Essie good to make friends with them.”

Catalina frowned slightly, but she didn’t say anything further.

Estella broke down crying again. “No! I don’t want to meet them! I just want to play with Archie and Benny!”

“Then you’ll have to attend kindergarten at home,” Lucian said, then handed her to Catalina. “Bring her upstairs.”

Feeling sorry for Estella, Catalina said, “Ms. Estella doesn’t seem to like it very much, Mr. Farwell. Maybe you should reconsider this arrangement.”

Lucian remained unmoved.

Realizing that he was adamant about his decision, Catalina had no choice but to carry Estella to the bedroom upstairs.

Estella’s cries grew softer as she knew she would not get her way with Lucian.

Catalina’s heart ached when she heard Estella sobbing.

Ms. Estella will always go quiet whenever her autism gets triggered. Even her cries become silent…

Lucian felt his temples aching as he watched Catalina bring Estella upstairs.

Essie’s condition has yet to stabilize, and Roxanne and her kids have a huge influence on her. I can already predict how Essie will respond if I forcefully cut them out of her life, but I have no choice in this matter. I have to do this!

Lucian slumped against the couch and called up the head of the kindergarten.

The latter freaked out when he heard Lucian’s decision. “What? You want to transfer Essie to another school? Is there something we’re not doing right, Mr. Farwell? If yes, please let me know! I promise I’ll fix it!”

“It’s a personal reason and has nothing to do with the kindergarten. Don’t worry; Farwell Group will not withdraw its funding,” Lucian replied calmly.

Feeling relieved, the head of kindergarten then agreed to his request and took care of the transfer procedures.

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